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idris or shadowhunter academy? ny institute or la institute? taki’s or the hunters moon? chairman meow or church? stele or seraph blade? bow and arrows or crossbow? jalec or heronstairs? blackstairs or clace? wessa or jessa? tmi, tda or tid? cohf or cp2? george or jessamine? show or movie? rafael or max? the portal or the sensor? the bane chronicles or tales from the shadowhunter academy? the unseelie king or the seelie queen? ty or livvy? mark or helen? malec or haline? sebastian or valentine? the cohort or the clockwork army or the endarkened? the clockwork princess epilogue or the end of lord of shadows?

Shadowhunters NYCC Panel

Just a few things from the panel

 ( @alecbaene , @immortal-husbands )

  • Isaiah says that at the beginning of s3, Luke is suffereing from “one hell of a hangover”
  • After Ollie confronts Luke about being a werewolf, his protectiveness over the pack shows even more, especially with Maia.
  • Alisha said that Simon’s deal with the Seelie Queen will have a negative effect on his relationship with Maia. “She’s kind of obsessed with him.”
  • Alisha has more seasons with the other girls in s3
  • Matt is concerned for Alec, as Alec’s stress levels are growing higher, which is an issue because its just at a time where he is reaching the more complex parts of his relationship with Magnus.
  • The mortality/immortality issue will be explored
  • Kat is excited for the stunts, especially because theyve just filmed their first ever dual wire stunt
  • Izzy is the new weapons master at the NY institute
  • “Jace is a workaholic”
  • Lilth will be played by Ana Hopkins. She appears in the first few episodes.
  • Javier Munoz, from the broadway show Hamilton, will be joining the cast, as an adversary of Magnus Bane
  • Lilth is coming for Jace because he hurt Sebastian. Her blood runs through Sebastians veins and he is as good as her son
  • S3 will air on April 3rd
  • Alisha said that she loves how the realtionships are expanded upon and develop more fthan what is in  the books
  • Jordan will appear, but his story line will be different than in the books
  • If Matt were to give advice to Alec he’d tell him to “Relax and think things through.” 
  • Alisha would tell Maia all about forgiveness.
  • Matt and ALisha were discussing werewolf/vampire “relations” and how super speed can be handy ;)
  • Kat would tell Clary to “Trust her gut”
  • Isaiah would tell Luke to “buy some earmuffs and blindfolds because he doesnt want to see what goes on in that boathouse.”
  • We’ll get to see more of Luke’s backstory and the trauma of going form being a shadowhunter to a werewolf.
  • Cleophas will return
  • Matt gave his love is love shirt to a fan, he also signed it, thn the cast all came down to hug the fan
  • Alec’s individual journey will be explored. He starts off as having a lot of political capital and goes through his journey in the clave….and thats that
  • Isaiah said the fandom is like, “you guys are like a warm fuzzy blanket in front of a fire”
TDA headcanon

In the summer, the New York and LA Institute would have annual beach days where Julian and Jace would have surf competitions. Julian always beats Jace making Jace salty.  Every year Jace tries to beat Julian but to no avail. In the end he gives up with “You only won because I let you!” Although everyone know that’s not true.


[Caption: 7 stacked black and white gifs with text overlay from Seasons 1 and 2A of Shadowhunters, of the show’s main characters.

1. Magnus in 2x08. He’s in his apartment’s rooftop, using his magic to get rid of Iris’s spell.
2. Isabelle in 1x08. She’s in her lab, looking into a microscope.
3. Alec in 2x10. He’s looking around the room, while on the phone with Jace.
4. Clary in 2x06. She’s drawing the unknown rune in the palm of her hand.
5. Luke in 1x13. He’s inside the Jade Wolf. He’s staring ahead, his eyes glowing.
6. Jace in 1x05. He’s in the Institute, training with a seraph blade.
7. Simon in 2x10. He’s inside the Institute, the sunlight coming through the window illuminating his face. He closes his eyes, looking content.

The text reads: “High Warlock of Brooklyn / Best Forensic Pathologist in NY / Acting Head of the NY Institute / Runemaker / Leader of the NY Werewolf Pack / Best Warrior / Daylighter”.]

when will shadowhunters realize that malec uniting the divided shadow world with their fierce love for each other and saving the universe is a far more compelling story than whatever they have in store for clary


Shadowhunters Social Media: INSTAGRAM EDITION

Alec Lightwood - @ArcherAlec

“Head of NY Institute, Archer, Older Brother, Parabatai and Loving Boyfriend.”

Alec was never one for social media, but after losing a bet to Jace he was forced to put himself online.
Lets just say, Alec didn’t hate it as much as he thought he would.


Can you believe that 10 years ago, Alexander Gideon Lightwood turned 18, and became an “official” adult?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, Magnus didn’t know what to get Alec for his 18th birthday?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, Magnus called up his best friends for advice, only for them to hang up on him, but have a demon he summoned give him advice instead?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, Magnus was so worried that he wouldn’t be able to get Alec an amazing birthday present because he’s an amazing person and deserves the best?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, Magnus also was worried that getting Alec a birthday present felt too much considering that they just started the whole dating thing and Magnus didn’t want Alec to feel pressured or rushed into anything?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, Magnus wanted to see Alec sometime during the day but knew he probably wouldn’t because Alec would be spending his birthday with his family only to be shocked when the birthday boy himself showed up at his place in Brooklyn and said that he wanted to see him?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, even though Alec wanted to spend his birthday with Magnus, he was more than willing to leave if he had something better to do?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, neither Magnus or Alec thought they would come so far?

Can you believe that 10 years later, Magnus and Alec are (hopefully by now) married, the fathers of two beautiful children (maybe more), and just living happily as a family?

Can you believe that 10 years later, Alec is 28 and most likely spending the day with his family in Brooklyn and (maybe) later with his family in the NY Institute?

Can you believe that 10 years ago, this all happened?

A list of people who are very much in love with their boyfriend and whose love should not be questioned ever :
1. Alec Lightwood
2. Alexander Gideon Lightwood
3. Mr. Lightwood
4. Head of NY Institute
5. Jace’s parabatai
6. Izzy’s older brother
7. Magnus’ boyfriend
8. Max and Rafael Lightwood Bane’s dad
9. Lydia’s ex fiancee
10. Max Lightwood’s older brother