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NY’ers ride the H train: heroin use reaches all-time high

NY’ers ride the H train: heroin use reaches all-time high

By Jennifer Many

New York’s opioid crisis reaches a boiling point as a mysterious, new synthetic heroin ravages the five boroughs. Bulletin sources reveal that an NYPD task force, led by Detective Brett Mahoney, has no leads to the supply chain of this insidious new drug. Synthetic Heroin has been on the rise in recent years, and this particular batch boasts faster absorption and comes in pills, patches, powder, and drops. Worse yet, samples obtained by the police have proven virtually undetectable, rendering most drug tests useless.

Opioids killed 30,000 Americans in 2015. As public addiction treatment services continue to be slashed, the body count is expected only to rise.

Name: Umber Khanistyr (Based on Jack in Jack & Jill)

Gender: Male (Cis/Homo)

From: Vale

Species: Human

Aura: Blue

Semblance: Grounded. When activated, Umber becomes harder to knock over as his body bulks and his center of gravity becomes lower to the ground. During this time, he becomes a solid figure and impossible to bring to his knees. The draw back is, should he accidentally fall off of anything, he is dragged down faster than Gravity normally pulls a being. His legs and knees are in terrible condition and he rarely uses the Semblance unless he is positive he is on solid ground.

Team: HUNY (in year 2 with CFVY)

Partner: Yale Khanistyr (Identical twin brother)

Weapon: Terra Crown (Shotgun Axe Combo)

Fighting Style: Not specified, but very wild and unpredictable.

Clothing Style: Outdoor’s, blues and browns.

Personality: Quick-witted, Short-tempered, Energetic, Skeptical, Narcissistic, Overconfident, Childish, Persistent

Friends: H_NY, RWBY

Crush: None at the moment

Fun Facts: Umber has a crippling fear of germs. Even in civilian clothes, he keeps his gloves on and refuses to touch anyone with his bare hands. HUNY’s dorm is clean solely because of him. The others try to help, but according to him, they don’t ‘really clean’ anything. The rest of the team gave up and decided ‘if he feels that way, then he can clean everything’. And so he does.

He uses the pun/term ‘Terra-rific’ way too much…and it is often used to describe himself.