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Punk!Nursey part 2.

Part 1 

-neither of Nursey’s mums like his father but he puts up with him because every birthday/christmas he gives Nursey records of both classic/modern punk/rock bands
-for his birthday Nursey gets a cheap record player from the team but it doesn’t play the music very well
-he still loves it tho
-For christmas Dex fixes up Nursey’s older (but much better qaulity) record player and helps him bring it to the haus
-Nursey broke it when he tripped on a shoe in his room
-It was a pair of purple doc martins
-Dex blames himself

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You and Dally go to NY to see the gangs (Request)

You and Dally walked hand in hand around the streets of NYC, you held onto him tightly, looking at all the tough looking gangsters that were giving you suggestive looks.

“You’re not going to let anything happen to me, right?” You murmured softly, clutching onto his side. 

“Of course not, Doll.” He said softly, tightening his hold on your hand. “I can’t believe how much this place has changed. Look!” He exclaimed, pointing up to a building. “You see that window up there with the smashed window, the one that is painted green?” 

“Yeah?” You squinted, looking up to the window he described. 

“That’s where I used to live, me and my old pal Tommy. He and I used to hang out with that gang over there.” 

You looked past him and at the group of guys across the street that were currently trying to hit on women that were passing them by, you could see heaters fastened in the waist band of their jeans.  

“Oh they look… really safe.” You joked. “Whatever happened to Tommy?” 

“He died” He said softly, flashing you a fake smile. “He was only 15 and there was this rival gang called the Ballers, they got him and they shot him in the back… I was only 12 and he just died in my arms before the ambulance even got there… then I got sent away to live with my father.” 

“Oh Dal.” You sighed. You knew he had, had a rough childhood… you just didn’t know how rough it was. “Hey, how about we go visit that pizza shop you talk so much about, huh?” 

“Sure” He smiled. “I’m glad you came” He wrapped you up in his arms. 

“I’m glad you decided to come back and see your mother, it’s been ten years since you seen her last… you might be able to get some closure, finally.” 

You leaned up to kiss him with pride in your eyes.

One time, we got a big prosciutto ham that was sent to my mother by a cousin in Lecara Friddi. We got all excited because it was the first package that ever come from home. My old man got out a hammer and opened up the crate, and there was a beautiful ham all wrapped up in burlap. We was ready to attack it right then, but mother said no, a prosciutto ham has to be hung up for a while so that the air could get at it and it wouldn’t be too soft.

The next day, a guy named Moliari knocked at our door after dinner. It was Tuesday, and he came to collect his dollar. He was a moneylender, the fat bastard, and he specialized in Sicilians. I think my old man had borrowed some money to buy a new bed for my sisters and he was about three or four weeks behind in payments. So Moliari come up with two guys to take back the bed. When he got a look at the prosciutto ham hangin’ in the kitchen, the son of a bitch took it like it belonged to him. When he go to the door, he said to my mother somethin’ like, ‘I’ll take this; you don’t want your girls to sleep on the floor.’ But I fixed that shitheel good. About two months later, we knocked off his apartment and we grabbed over four hundred dollars. That was most expensive prosciutto the son of a bitch ever stole.


The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano