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Mysteries of my life

okay honestly i had a lot of these but i have forgotten most of them in the five minutes between having this idea and making the actual post

-the small potato song
i havent even tried googling this, because all i remember is a classmate singing a song that went like “potato, small potato, small potato, small po ta to” and??? The tune haunts me to this day
i have NEVER heard it anywhere else and i remember it once in a while and sometimes things are like “oh god this song is so old does anyone remember it” and i will just go WILL THE SMALL POTATO SONG MYSTERY BE SOLVED
i realised i never actually said what the mystery was, and that is “is this a song that exists, and if so, what is it called?”

its a movie. its french. its animated. there are 3 brothers, who are either all very skinny or like one of them is fat or something. at one point they all share a bike. i think they ride it up a hill or maybe near a river. i vaguely associate it with the way smoke looks and smells, but i dont know why. it may have something to do with baguettes, tour de france, or weird romance. i vaguely remember it being called something like ‘the three amigos’ but that is definitely not right. like. definitely not right.
at some point in the movie, gymnopédie no. 1 plays. probably. i think while they ride a bike. the whole thing is done in black and white.

does this movie exist? what is it called?

anyway i have forgotten everything else i was going to add, or if there even WAS naything else i was going to add, but feel free to reblog this with Unsolved Mysteries of Your Lives