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Why do women need a whole day about them?

Because Ada Lovelace wrote instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s and I had no idea.

Because, F. Scott Fitzgerald plagiarized his wife, Zelda’s writing and used it in The Great Gatsby and his other books.

Because, black women, let alone any women, were not aware of the great contributions Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson made towards NASA and the space program.

Because the current president of the United States is a self proclaimed ‘pussy grabber’.

Because doctors (both men and women) are only NOW seeming to realize that women patients cannot be treated based on male patient information.

Because basic products cost more for women than they do for men.

Because feminine hygiene products are taxed.

Because Renee Richards existed before Kaitlyn Jenner and she fought policy in the NY Supreme Court, but she doesn’t get talked about.

Because Marsha P Johnson was basically removed from a movie about the Stonewall riots.

Because there STILL aren’t decent pockets in most women’s clothes.

Because Maria TallChief founded the Chicago ballet, but I’m sure most young girls who dream of being a ballerina don’t know about her.

Because Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe were amazing artists and people, but they weren’t the only female painters in history.

Because Evelyn Glennie is the first person in history to successfully create and sustain a full-time career as a solo percussionist.

Because Crystal R. Emery’s documentary, “Black Women in Medicine,” was amazing and should be seen by more people.

Because men are still determining how and when my body should and can be used and function.

Should I go on?

Edited to add differently abled women who rock the world too.



clintasha + debate club rivals au for @take-me-to-ny

You better get up while you can.

NY Eastern District Court: Crowd cheering for arriving ACLU lawyers like rockstars.

Remember the end of Ghostbusters 2?

I love this city 😥

Day: 1273

Shirt: Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal  

Color: Natural

Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton

Source: (Yesterday) this is ironically one of my more favorite albums for 2014 but one of my least fav shows.  its a lot like the Liars where i am in love with the album and i don’t think the live show holds up to the album.  Its not to say the live show was horrible by any means, because it wasn’t.  but i I think when you have such a good album, the companion live show should reflect that albums efforts.  i dunno its just my opinion.  sometimes i think a lot of bands think the live show is what it is and i think sometimes that couldn’t be more wrong.  a little lighting goes a long way.  A few great props or a good visual compliment to the album behind stage does a lot too.  

Regardless the album is still great and perhaps i am projecting here on what i think should be instead of what actually is.  listen to this band anyways and enjoy them next time they come to town.  


Berenice Abbott Photography

Pike and Henry Street, NY, 1936. - Cheese Store, NY, 1937 - Columbus Circle, NY, 1936 - El Station Interior, NY - Manhattan Bridge Looking Up, NY, 1936 - Facade: Alwyn Court, NY, 1936 - Theoline, NY, 1936 - Broadway on the Battery, NY, 1938.

American photographer Berenice Abbott was born in Springfield Ohio in 1898 and died in retirement in Monson, Maine in 1991. Except for a formative and influential decade in Paris in the 1920s, she spent most of her productive life in photography in New York City. Her five decades of accomplishments behind the camera range from portraiture and modernist experimentation to documentation and scientific interpretation. Her contributions as photographic educator, inventor, author and historian are equally diverse: she originated the photography program at the New School for Social Research and taught there from 1934-58; wrote several books and numerous articles including the once influential Guide to Better Photography (1941)