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We started doing everyday cosplay on Monday and usually stick to a theme to bind us all together. This picture shows off our theme of D.C. Superheroes! From L to R we have Sarah (reference and instruction librarian) as Batman, Kassie (reference and instruction librarian) as The Flash, Jess (circulation clerk and LIS grad student) as Aquaman, and Laura (senior circulation clerk) as Wonder Woman. We all work at SUNY Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY.

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I went to the New York Renaissance Fair 9/12/1015. I procrastinated so hard that I made my outfit in a week! My mother assembled the clothes, because she’s awesome. I went as Thorin Oakenshield wielding a Keyblade of the Key to Erebor. I thought it was an awesome crossover. 😉 Everyone at the fair loved my outfit. People asked for pictures, wanted to hold my Keyblade, and asked what the hell it was. Haha! I picked up he bracers at the fair. I didn’t have my own, or the time to make them.

We channeled our inner Doctor for this everyday cosplay! We even got one of our IT guys to join in! From L to R, we have Shawn (IT) as the 9th Doctor, Laura (Senior Circ Clerk) as the 10th Doctor, Sarah (Reference and Instruction Librarian) as the 11th Doctor, and in front we have Jess (Circ Clerk and LIS grad student) as Captain Jack Harkness. You can view all of our cosplay pics on Instagram with the #mondayiseverydaycosplay.


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LUKE CAGE, HERO FOR HIRE might very well have been my favorite costume at the NYCC. This totally ripped, 6'6" dynamo was the living embodiment of the character he portrays. “Sweet Christmas!”

lady oscar showed up to the storming of the bastille with tuberculosis and if i didnt show up to comic con even though i felt sick as a dog i felt like i would be dishonoring her. enjoy my awkward pose and grainyness. i tried to fix it with a filter.


Beautiful little train wreak, isn’t it?

This video is way longer than is necessary, and OLD. Just go watch my Inu bloopers instead or something.

Informal little “how I get ready for Inuyasha” thing I thought would be interesting. I made this ages ago but never finished it since I messed up/forgot to film/my video corrupted so many things, but I gave it the best spit-polish I could to just get it up and done with.




“Remember when red used to not be your color. My how things have changed” - My mom.

These beautiful pictures were taken by Theshatteredsilhouette. She was absolutely marvelous and the onlookers got to enjoy the visual of Loki taking pictures of Clara, which is always a plus.

I am super excited for series 8 and will, in fact, be at the world tour this Thursday in this dress. If you see me, come up and say hello!