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You Know Her? // Aiden & Luke


Officer Danielle Messer shook her head as she looked over the accident. She didn’t understand young people nowadays. Sure she was up for some thrills every now and then, but this was taking it to a whole different level. Most of those involved managed to escape with a few bruises and scrapes. Though there were a few that needed serious medical attention. She questioned every one she could and getting descriptions of the unknown. She heard footsteps approaching her and she immediately stuck out a piece of paper out to them. They couldn’t shake the possibility that there was some foul play involved. With drag racing, you had to check every angle. “Most of those involved have been identified through ids and friends. But there’s one people have yet to say who it is. Jane Doe,18, dark brown hair, green eyes. Her car seemed to be what started it all.”

NIKKI Wood • comic trivia

  • She had acrophobia: “I’ve got this condition. Forget the name. Basically? Fear of heights. I can’t breathe. Can barely think.”¹
  • Nikki was pregnant during her Cruciamentun. Despite Crowley’s worries, she insisted on taking it: “All slayers go through it when they turn eighteen. I can’t shirk the mission just because my life got in the way.” She continued patrolling under the same justification.²
  • When her watcher asked about Robin’s father, she answered: “You know what I do. You know I see bad stuff. When I blow off steam… I don’t always collect names.”² It’s unknown if she was telling the truth.
  • She had a lover named Li, who worked in NY as a cop. “He doesn’t know I’m a slayer. Hell, he doesn’t know what a slayer is. We have to talk. But not tonight.” He was killed during a vampire attack in a police operation.¹
  • She’s seen with posters of Malcolm X and Marvin Gaye by her headboard.¹ ²
  • Her watcher hided Nikki’s pregnancy from the Council, and provided passports and tickets so she could begin a new life with her son. According to Robin, “we lived in South America for a bit. Mexico too, I think. But she got an itch before I was even a year old. And we ended up right back where Crowley didn’t want us.”²
  • Her mother used to quote “If you’re gonna fight, fight outside.”¹
  • About not being put for adoption, Robin explains: “before I was born, Crowley said she put up walls with everyone she came in contact with. Growing up, I never saw any guy stick around for more than a couple weeks. But here I was… Someone who was already inside of her wall”²
  • She was a slayer for seven years, called in 1970, dying at 22 years old.²

 ¹ Tales of the Slayers: Nikki Goes Down!
 ² Buffy 9 #06: On Your Own, part one

Black man shoots two NY cops…
Media pretends all black people wanna kill cops

White man plants bomb outside NAACP office.
Media: lone wolf… Not race related… Mental illness

Man in uniform sways woman.
But men in uniforms sway women hard.
Everybody hates cops.
Actually, NYC Cops are only hated but a slight fraction of the NYC population.
(No Brooklyn and Bronx, you don’t count right now.)
I dunno what contributes more,
the tragedy or the tourists whom they allow to take their pictures.
Every day.
Crazy thing is, they don’t seem to mind the tourists at all.  
How the hell do they know I’m not a tourist?