ny cinema


✞-taking long walks with no words shared between them

✞- watching movies together and making dumb comments about the cinematography

✞-trying to learn to code and hack but never getting past HTML and CSS bc sadness

✞-getting takeout a lot because you’re both lazy and paranoid

✞-your relationship being based on happiness and not physical attributes

✞-hanging out with darlene for six months before putting the puzzle together

✞-“but, he’s so- and you’re so-” “i know doll. i’m just as confused as you.”

✞-washing his hoodie because he never fucking does

✞-being supportive when you learn of his addiction and trying to help him quit

✞-going on dumb mainstream dates in ny

✞-only attending the cinema to make fun of it

✞-laying in bed together while blasting mars argo

✞-trying your best to comfort him when he’s crying

✞-him saying cynical jokes that make you crack up for the rest of the night

✞-“what’s the difference between a dead hooker and a corvette?” “uh, i don’t know?” “i don’t have a corvette in my garage”

✞-talking about weird subway stories together

✞-getting confused whenever he tries to have sex with you because it’s always spontaneous

✞-getting in fights over bullshit that you both don’t care about

✞-cuddling together when it’s raining

✞-talking smack about mr robot when you learn about him

✞-“who the fuck hacks on sundays? what a loser, and besides, even if you did, there’d be no point because dead guy over there probably would fuck it up later on while jerking off to the newest apple product.”

✞-elliot taping all of your electronics which makes you confused as fuck

✞-buying each other funny gifts to express your love

✞-being a power couple though


04-05-2016 at Reading InternationalCity Cinemas in NY City

1) “Can’t wait to see you @florence ❤️ New York @gucci ghosts … 👻 @lukiekabuki 📸” (By Isa)

2) “What an incredible Voyage. The Odyssey by @vincenthaycock and #florenceandthemachine #florencewelch #theodyssey” (By Amy Farid)

3) “At the @gucci premiere of the Odyssey with Florence Welch and Alessandro Michelle @lallo25 #theodyssey” (By naseebs)

5) “Bobby sentado aqui do lado tipo brother! Kkkkk #VIP” (By tehrussi)

6) “Heeeeeeell yeaaah FLOBERT” (By tehrussi )

7) “I have never been so in awe of an artist like I am of you. Thank you @flo_tweet 💙” (By shan27) 

8) “I just met and told Isa she was beautiful and she thanked me and said I’m so tiny and cute omg” (By Sanjana )

9) “She is a ray of sunshine and it was so cute watching her laugh lol. Love her to pieces and I was SO CLOSE to her. I’ve seen her three times now!” (By ohdalyz)

10) “#florence #florencewelch #florenceandthemachine #theodyssey (amymj85)