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Being a native New Yorker and learning about 29 people recently being injured in Chelsea from a bomb explosion is very sad but then there’s news of another bomb explosion in New Jersey (a part of our Tri-State area) then the stabbings in Minnesota, the shootings in Philadelphia is all too much. It’s been a weekend of violence here in the US. My prayers go out to all affected. Stay safe everyone.


The Killers performing ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ (Live from the Artists Den) has been added to The Killers VEVO channel on YouTube.


Manhattan explosion: New York on full alert after blast rocks city

New York has been placed on full alert after 29 people were injured in an explosion in the Chelsea area of Manhattan on Saturday evening, with at least one other device being investigated by police in the city.

The cause of the first blast, which one witness said was “like a volcano”, was believed to have been an explosive device placed in a trash can on 23rd Street, a bustling area of the city on the lower west side a few blocks from the Empire State Building.

24 people have been taken to hospital following the explosion in Chelsea area on Saturday night.

Another device reported to be a pressure cooker with wires attached to a cell phone was discovered on nearby 27th Street.

Earlier in the day, a pipe bomb exploded in New Jersey near the scene of a run in support of US Marines.

Although the New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, told a media conference the Chelsea explosion was an “intentional act”, he stopped short of saying it was a bomb and said that there was “no evidence” yet of any link to terror.