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Stellar Wind (Finback)

Brewery : Finback
Beer : Stellar Wind
Style : Triple IPA / Imperial IPA / TIPA
Variance : Dry Hopped with Citra & Motueka

9 / 10

Who the fuck said that hazy IPAs are the only good ones coming out lately? This beer pours a traditional golden hued clear (for the most part) and really doesn’t have much going on in the smell department but for what it lacks there, it makes up for 10x in flavor. Honestly, smell to me is just a bonus but I could give a damn less whether or not my beer smells like pineapple juice or donkey asshole, as long as it tastes delicious. I love that more and more triple IPAs are popping up everywhere just like I love that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has become the “Kate Upton topless except for a well placed arm edition“ because these high ABV beers have come so far in regards to flavor and drinkability. A dank citrus and melon flavor starts this off with some more pungent hop flavor mixing in towards the middle with a wet hop bitterness before ending with a mild alcohol burn and smooth fruited flavor with a mix of bitter and sweet. This beer’s 10% ABV is almost completely hidden just like Josh Hutcherson’s acting career is almost completely hidden in the shadow of Jennifer Lawrence because let’s be real, no one watched Hunger Games for that little prick. I’m not quite sure where Finback got the “Wind” part of this beer’s name but I can assure you that the “Stellar” part couldn’t be more fitting because not only will this beer knock you on your ass because of it’s ABV, it will also tickle your taste buds with it’s awesome hop flavors. For the bastards seeking out membership to the drinking crew, run from this beer because even though it goes down smoother than a freshly shaven vag, it will still wreck your mouth if you aren’t prepared for it. As for you current members, make sure you pick this up because this really is a damn near perfect example of the style and it needs to be tasted by as many of you fuckers as possible.

Written by: Steve B.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout / KBS (Founders)

Brewery : Founders
Beer : Kentucky Breakfast Stout / KBS
Style : Imperial Stout
Variance : Brewed With Massive Amounts of Chocolate and Coffee and Aged in Bourbon Barrels for a Year

9.5 / 10

Holy shit this is amazing. I’ve been waiting to try this forever and I am so pleased to know that a Kentucky breakfast doesn’t just consist of fried chicken and incest (sorry KY but stop fucking your siblings…). I like that they rebranded this simply as KBS because there clearly aren’t enough abbreviations in the world so I’m glad you guys follow us here at CB on tumblr and IG and show love for NJ and NY LMAO. This beer starts with a great coffee bitterness that quickly switches into a bourbony goodness of booziness before ending with a sweet chocolate finish. This really is a damn near perfect stout because you taste all of it’s components one by one and it’s not a mishmash of flavor. I’m happy to confirm that this is another “hype” beer that lives up to it and in my opinion exceeds what my expectations were. If Kentucky wasn’t so fucked up and backwoods I’d consider moving there only if I was able to drink this every morning for breakfast (sorry for dogging you so bad KY) but since we know that’s not possible, I’ll happily stay in my own state. Highest recommendations to all the stout lovers and dabblers in the dark arts and besides the 11.2% ABV boozy taste, this is a great beer for newbies who want to get into some heavier shit. Enjoy!!

Written by: Steve B.

Southern Tier 2XONE - Before discussing the beer, first a few words on the packaging. I hadn’t heard anything about this before it caught my eye at Wegman’s. Despite it beating you over the head with it’s SMaSH philosophy I couldn’t find a single place on the packaging that actually listed the single malt and hop used. I was in a rush so I didn’t bother smartphoning it. I researched it when I got home and once I saw Mosaic was the hop I added to my list to pickup.

I love the simplicity. Very interesting having this in close succession to Victory’s Hop Ranch which was a single malt plus Mosaic and Azacca hops. The tropical hop flavors come through very well. Not sure I pick up anything too unusual from the “special” pale malt, but staying out of the way in a beer like this certainly isn’t a bad thing.

It’ll be interesting to see what combinations they come up with for future releases of this. Southern Tier is a brand I basically grew out of, but this could be a fun beer to keep checking in on.