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Yeah I agree with the anon that there's no other celeb to compare Taylor with in terms of genuine hiding. Many of these celebs, including Anne and J Law mentioned in that article, have had periods where they've been less visible - but the key there is LESS. They've still had regular project releases, press, sightings, candids, etc. Taylor is legit not being seen by anyone the last couple months. Before that (Dec-Feb 4th) she was like the others - had SSN & IDWLF but otherwise much less visible.

no legit we had the following sightings & infos after thanksgiving: 

December: hung out at moms w/lily and abi for xmas party (PIC via abi/lily)
December: Cyrus’ place (PIC/VID)
January: filmed a mv on a saturday in london (not seen)
January: gym candid day x2 in LA (Pics)
February: in NY w/gigi in car (vid)
February: concert in Houston (obv lots of pic/vid of show)
February: camila says she hung with taylor and troye in January in LA
February: maybe-sighting in London (the dark hair/gym clothes/heard her voice) (debated) (no pics/vid). which somewhat coincided with below
End of Feb: LBT show in Nash, several instagram ppl plus a group of friends on twitter heard karen say she was in london (people debate this one, dont inbox me about it im tired of debates, just acknowledge its a thing that happened) (no pics/vid of her in london)
March: Ed tells us cherry and taylor have been hanging out (no timeframe provided)
March: ed visits her NY tribeca apt (no pics of taylor)
March: Taylor sings in car in nash (fuzzy vid)
April: nothing so far

Isnt this crazy? it’s 135 days since T-giving.  Cant wait to see how she decides to return and show herself. 


Did you notice? Our girl didn’t look very happy on Dec 26th… 

First pic, is her leaving her NY Tribeca apt after spending a couple days over Christmas with her family. That pic was taken when they all left her apt together with the new cat carriers and her two darling cats. Then, they got on her private jet to Nashville. The second pic is her sitting on her jet. She was sitting all by herself even though her family was with her. She seemed lonely. She posted that pic showing her cat (Olivia) sleeping in her arms. It was really cute to see Olivia. Taylor made light of how ‘Olivia was tired from all the naps she had taken that day’. In my eye’s, Taylor seemed like she was missing someone something fierce. I didn't like seeing her gazing out the window looking so sad. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe she was just being introspective? I cant help but look at her face and still think she looked unhappy. I think she was missing someone. I just wonder who she was thinking about?