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Trump’s NY campaign co-chair Carl Paladino writes disturbingly racist and transphobic Obama “wish list”

  • Carl Paladino, who served as a co-chair for Trump’s New York campaign, outlined an overtly racist and transphobic list of wishes he has for 2017, 
  • Paladino said he wants President Obama to catch “mad cow disease” and for first lady Michelle Obama “to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”
  • Paladino, a Republican who ran an unsuccessful bid for governor in New York in 2010, laid out his disturbing wish list in an alt-weekly newspaper in Buffalo, New York, where he currently serves on the school board. 
  • Paladino confirmed he wrote the wish list himself when asked by the Buffalo News.“Of course I did,” he told the Buffalo News. “Tell them all to go fuck themselves.” Read more

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Just a quick tip: There are a lot of great decor/furniture stores in Germany. you just have to know where to look ;) Personally I would recommend søstrene grene (and yes, I know it is a scandinavian store), but of Course I don't know if they are around your area... Also: What languages do you speak?

Yes, I know but they are like “smaller” brands and I usually don’t love them. Thank you for the tip tho! I looked at that store, not quite my style and unfortunately it isn’t in my city either, oh well haha. The only store I’ve been looking at has been Kare or just antique stores. But I’m probably just going to rent something furnished and ship things from NY/Italy cos I’m lazy lol and it is just too hard given the options… I mean just generally I find shopping in Germany to be very difficult, cos other than flagship stores, there aren’t a lot of options. 

I speak English (obviously lol), Italian, German, French, Sicilian, and Dutch, and I read Ancient Greek, Latin, and Arabic. 

Bday/THXG - Horseshoe Bend/Antelope Canyon

NYE/NY - MN/Chi-town
SB2017 - CO
XMAS/NY2017 - SE Asia

- excited to start planning this winter trip with the cousins. Hoping to figure numbers out by the end of the month to see if I can fit an end of summer trip to Portland to see the Total Solar Eclipse sunrise on August 21st.