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Ruki: spread the word ! festival festival festival*
Aoi: I can’t wait!*

Aoi: Pulse-14 Taujan×aoi
I’m wearing them both in a brass and silver double layer combo! I kept asking Hara-San and was being really pushy so he made these for me. I just wanted something as a kind of keepsake from the 15th anniversary, from myself to myself, you know. you guys should also check it out, maybe just one of the two, in commemoration of that day ┏○ *bow* (image 3)
Aoi: taujan×aoi Pulse-14 on sale now!!
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Aoi: this brings back memoriiiies! taken at NY airport. I wanna go baaaack.
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*Heresy members can already apply for tickets for the summer festival BURST INTO A BLAZE 3

Wings Tour 2017

Guys, there’s already vids of fans going crazy outside the hotel BTS are staying at. Like there’s a constant mass of fans screaming outside their hotel for hours on end.

That shit can’t fly over here in the US like seriously, GIVE THEM PRIVACY AND LET THEM REST!!

For the fans who want to go to greet them at the airport, like that’s fine. What isn’t fine is screaming at the top of your lungs and trying to get their attention. If fans quietly greeted them when they arrived, and didn’t push or shove each other just to get close, I’m sure BTS would appreciate that way more than a scream in their ear.

Remember when Jimin fell? (I don’t recall which country that was.) But remember when the members were being pushed and they were probably wondering if they were completely safe at that moment.

ALSO, security at Newark/NY airports don’t play. That shit can get real seriously real fast. We do not want to create a dangerous situation for anyone.

Why do you think artists are weary about giving fans a hi-five or a hand shake when fans reach out during concerts or in public? It can be a dangerous situation for them. They need personal space. (Offer a fist bump like true homies)

Why do you think they couldn’t take pictures with fans during Bon Voyage? All it takes is one post from one fan to invite a mob to come. It’s not because they don’t want to give every fan a picture and an autograph, I’m sure they do. But let’s be real. They’re human and they deserve respect.

I don’t care how much you love them. Stalking them and invading their privacy, is definitely not offering respect.

Be mindful. Like this is fucking ridiculous that they can’t sleep without “fans” screaming outside their hotel. I don’t care if they slept on the plane, I know for a fact they don’t want to play Overwatch with screams as the background soundtrack of their life.

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He is at the airport in NY heading to Glasgow. He posted a video apologising that he will be late but he is coming on the mpc page.

There’s no excuse to leave the morning of when people have paid thousands of dollars to go to his event bye