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<i>Moodboard:</i><b> Nikki Bella!

I will not say anything about it, I have already said something about Instagram and Twitter. You know what makes me angry? That those who called themselves her fans, now they say the worst things about Paige.
A real fan, like me, doesn’t care about these photos or videos.
A real fan only care about Paige’s happiness and a true fan wants Paige returns and hopes that she win the women’s title.

Respect her.


favourite female wrestler meme:        I favourite match I                                         ☆ Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch - NXT Takeover: Unstoppable

                              ~  “This, honestly, felt like the first NXT Divas match where                                            an ambulance ride should have been in order for both                                            women. They brought psychology, but not in the pure                                              way: they took chain wrestling and slapped it with a                                            pillowcase full of bricks. It felt real.”   -Diva Dirt


What do you want for christmas?

How I imagine dinner with the authority
  • Seth Rollins: Dad, can I go to crossfit now?
  • Triple H: No, after you finish your vegetables.
  • Seth Rollins: But DADDDD!!
  • Triple H: Now!!
  • Seth Rollins: * Finishes vegetables*
  • Seth Rollins: Now can I go?
  • Stephanie: Yes, but you must take J & J security with you.
  • Seth Rollins: But Mommmmm!!! That's sooo embarrassing.
  • Seth Rollins: -mumbles- * I bet Randy can go alone*
  • Kane: Quit your complaining before I choke slam you in hell!
  • Seth Rollins: - Gets up from the dinner table...then-
  • Randy Orton: -RKO's Seth Rollins through the dinner table- What can I say, it's the season premiere.
  • Randy Orton - Takes butter Biscuit from the bowl-

The BOSS is taking over!


💚This Is What A Queen Looks Like💚