The British Guys Network

hey there! im Alessia!

i would really love to be in this network simply because:

  • omg british guys
  • omg british guys
  • omg british guys
  • but ill be serious. i can help with htmls, id love to make new friends, i will gossip 24/7 if i have too, (about the sexy-ass boys of couse c;)
  • all the ones listed are gorgeous, not even joking.

* i hope to be niall horan because he is simply perfect in everyway.

i will fangirl  if i get in.

and cry like this

that is all. bye! xo


hey guys my first ever botw poll! I REALLY REALLY need votes so please vote for me (n-irmala) in her hover tab here then message me your vote number for a full blog rate :) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

im off guys! xo PLEASE VOTE

☼ ☞ Big Cat Network ☜ ☼

hey there! i’m Alessia, i’m 15 and i love animals!

i would like to tell you that i am in love with Jaguars. They are so majestic and beautiful. 

reasons why i would help out in this network:

i like to give advice to people:

ill help people out with voting/promos, im an active tropical blog, im good at html and can help people (if they need the help), and im really nice so people can talk to me any time they want :)

if i get in:

oh and both your blogs are amazing!

i hope you consider me!