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A unconscious Naruto was left behind after going head to head with the  fake kyubi. Hinata rushes over to tend to him, Then the kyubi wants again to attack Naruto but Hinata (knowing she is no match for him) goes in front of Naruto trying her best to protect him.

What is your favoriteNaruHina moment?

I was always crying, and giving up even before trying.

I made the wrong turns so many times….

But you helped me find my way and take the correct path, Naruto.

I always chased after you.

I wanted to catch up to you.

I wanted to walk beside you all the time.

I wanted to be by your side, always.

You change me, Naruto!

Your smile is what saved me!

That’s why I’m not afraid to die…….

If it means I can protect you!


I love you, Naruto!

this moment will always steal my heart and tears