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Star Trek: Enterprise had the misfortune of premiering so close to 9/11 that its optimistic view of a hopeful future fell on many deaf ears. Humans, united, venturing into a galactic community was not on the minds of so many Americans.

Then folks complained that things seemed off in the canon, a part of the show that was addressed, as we learned that things were not set in stone, nor always what they seemed. History is remembered in ways it did not exactly happen.

The characters were great, the action and suspense were real, and the 3rd and 4th seasons are so consistently strong! I want people to give the show a second chance!


Before I start sharing the episode posters from Enterprise: Season Three I present to you my top 5 favorite posters from Season Two

on enterprise

i think we should all give star trek: enterprise another chance. 

people talk about it like it’s a giant dump on the trek landscape and that is simply not fair.

there are certainly genuine criticisms to be made regarding the wasting of character development and the first two seasons had their awkward points as the show was finding its feet. also, the finale is generally regarded as a blot and non-canon (i mean trip, really, trip?) but season 3 is actually amazing and season 4 is great as well.  the decision to follow the single arc xindi storyline was brilliant.

enterprise is different than the other star treks because it represents a time in starfleet and space exploration where everything was impressive, new and scary.  they’re actually excited to see a supernova and the nx-01 enterprise is basically held together with spit and the hopes and dreams of the warp five project.  they are not jaded or even experienced at all in space exploration.  they dont even have common conveniences we come to associate with trek: transporter technology is new and dangerous, no tractor beams, top speeds of warp five that enemies can easily match, and the only shielding is polarized hull plating.

enterprise also has great characters and is very character driven in a way some of the other treks were not.  many have great backstories i wish could have been explored in detail.

archer is great to love and hate, a man who feels the weight of his father’s history and the horror of watching his dreams of exploration turn into militaristic kill-or-be-killed diplomacy.  but he’s also a turd sometimes. scott bakula does good work.

t’pol of vulcan is my favorite vulcan, if i had to choose. first of her species to serve on a human starship.  jolene blalock seems to be kind of written off as eye candy, but i find her to be a very talented and convincing actress. t’pol conveys many emotions without conveying any. jb has the deadpan down and the chemistry with trip is off the charts esp s3 and s4  fun fact, if you wikipedia t’pol, her spouse is listed as trip tucker.  not relevant, but makes me smile, because yeah, technically, they married in the vulcan way.

trip tucker, the brilliant engineer.  they turn down the good-old-boy routine quickly enough.  connor trineer is a solid comedic player and he does well in a romantic lead in the later seasons. the grieving process for his sister lizzie after the xindi attack is good. trip and t’pol drama is worth watching the show for.  it is.

hoshi, malcolm and travis are characters i wish they had the courage to explore a little more.  hoshi, the brilliant translator who got basically kicked out of starfleet for breaking an admiral’s arm and is only there on her talent and the mission’s need for it.  malcolm is from a british naval family who grew up in malaysia and a former covert operative who has few qualms with flat out murder.  travis is a ‘boomer,’ raised entirely in space on a cargo ship and is the best pilot humanity has to offer.

I mean, i want to know more about these people.  i want to know more about the earth-romulan war.

is everyone’s hate really about the theme song?

Ships of the Federation

Science/Exploration Classes

Ambassador Class (Enterprise - C)

Constellation Class

Constitution Class (Enterprise)

Constitution Refit Class (Enterprise - A)

Excelsior Class (Enterprise - B)

Galaxy Class (Enterprise - D)

Intrepid Class (Voyager)

Nebula Class

Norway Class

Nova Class

Oberth Class

Sovereign Class (Enterprise - E)

NX Class (NX-01 Enterprise)

Medical Classes

Olympic Class

Warship Classes

Akira Class

Centaur Class

Daedalus Class

Defiant Class (ship of DS9)

Miranda Class

Prometheus Class (can split into three)

Saber Class

Soyuz Class

Steamrunner Class

Galaxy Refit Class (aka Galaxy Dreadnought Class)

Small Craft

Danube Class

Peregrine Fighter

Delta Flyer

Type 6 Shuttle

Type 9 Shuttle

Other Classes

Dauntless Class

Enterprise J Type (unknown class name)

The final frontier begins in this hall. Let’s explore it together.

You’ve all heard my stance on the finale of Enterprise.  It was a show that would have benefitted greatly from another season, I think what might have come would have been awesome.

At any rate Terra Prime reduces me to a blubbering mess and is a bittersweet way to finish the series.  Thank god they didn’t screw up the ending by having the last episode some TNG fan fiction mess ;)

The original illustration is available on the Etsy store (without the quote).