kelleyoharaHollis is a 10-year old from the Bay Area who started the fundraiser Juggling for Jude to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which is an amazing place doing incredible things for kids with cancer. This fundraiser is close to my heart, so I wanted to spread the word and donate some money myself. Figured what better way than to challenege some teammates to see how many juggles they could get! ⚽️ @juggling_for_jude @stjude

A: You can’t really prepare yourself to meet someone who you’ve seen as the best in the world at what you do and someone that you would want to mimic. It’s been amazing to come full circle and become her training partner. She’s been so helpful to me and takes a lot of time with me to break down technique, saves, goals, etc. She’s been extremely accessible and it’s priceless experience.
—  Q: What has it been like training with Hope Solo? [x]
Caroline Stanely ahead of her first cap for Reign.

I hadn’t seen this video yet - Christen Press is all kinds of awesome.