*Tour guide voice 2.0*

If you look to your right, FCKC fans are holding up boards explaining how offsides works and hope they’ll listen.

Look to the left, Sky Blue fans are still wondering if they have a full team. Dash fans worries that Andressa won’t survive the season, with how much she’s being fouled.

Further ahead Red Stars and Spirit fans are happy to be in the top four of the table. * knocks on wood * no injuries to their teams.

The Portland fans are still just as happy as ever, they are stacked and going on upwards.

Everyone feels slightly bad for the Breakers and their fans… Do you need a hug or five??

Orlando fans are super hyped about doing so well in their first season. A snapback for you, and you and you, snapbacks for everybody!

Reign fans wants to burn the highlighter kits and fight anyone who hurts their players.

In the back this time you have the Flash fans being super happy and a little surprised that they are doing this well. Meanwhile hoping that they’ll keep the momentum going throughout the season.

Welcome to the hot-mess that is fourth season.