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so what does "you can stand there and look pretty" mean?

So, in 2013 we had our first NWSL championship game between none other than the Flash and Thorns. Naturally, Portland’s superstar Tobin Heath brought home the game winning goal of the match. There was a foul 30 yards outside of the box for the Thorns, and Tobin’s standing over the ball…

Before her shot, Heath said she was giving instructions to some of her teammates.
“ ‘Cinc’ (Christine Sinclair) was like, ‘Hey you need anything?’ I said, 'You need to stand in the wall and kind of give the goalie a hard time,’ ” Heath said. “(Defender) Marian (Dougherty) was like, 'What should I do?’ I said, 'You can stand there and look pretty.’ ”

Then she blasted the ball into the net and it was absolutely beautiful

And that is how Tobin Heath became Portland’s hero. There’s an interview somewhere I think of her talking about it and she has the cheekiest smile on her face and it’s so cute and just ugh. But yeah, that’s where the title of my blog comes from lol.