and an attendance of 14,409 for that match, making our average home attendance for the season so far 13,794. we’ve had four home matches so far.
last season, after four home matches, we were averaging 13,163 a match- and that was with one of the matches being against reign. 
our opening home match did pull a larger crowd last season, but our numbers, if they continue on this trend, are staying in the 13-14k region- where as they seemed to fluctuate more between 10k-14k last season. 
i’m unsure if this is indicative of a more consistent home attender or whether we’re able to pull in more first time attendees [who might not choose to return, or might view it as a special treat or an event to travel to].


liannesanderson10 Great win for the ⚡️So great to see these wonderful ladies play tonight. @missashleynick header by @sammymewyy ⚽️ had a great time watching with my boy Pat. Extremely proud of my girl @jayspence3 scoring the game winner. She really has worked so hard for this opportunity, I know that and it’s so wonderful to see her hard work paying off #JumpshigherthanLebron 👊🏽

they really fought for that win…and i dig that!