so back when i was in college, someone in creative writing class with a friend of mine wrote a story. it started out as a simple story of a wedding, and the bride and groom were arguing over infidelity that may or may not have happened and then some weird dude showed up and said some cryptic shit and left.

and then the guy showed up again, much later, at the reception. naked.

and then he ran to the cake. and began fucking it. 

i used to have a printout of the story and i distinctly remember the line “oh my god, he’s fucking the cake!”

the most amazing part is that was written for a grade.

someone wrote this story.

someone wrote this story, where a man puts his dick in a wedding cake and fucks it until he’s had enough, and handed it in for credit. he did not fail the class.

if cake fucker guy can write a story and have faith in it, so can you. believe in yourself.


“One of the things I learned from Laura Roslin was that - and I think is true for a lot of women - we vastly underestimate what we are capable of.  Because somewhere, culturally, we’ve gotten a mixed message since the day we were born…and she taught me that there’s far more in us that we’re capable of as women than we even knew. That is the biggest thing she taught me.” (x) - Mary McDonnell on what she learned from Laura Roslin

ok this is dumb but

why isn’t anyone (that i have seen) speaking of this adorable little ginger falcs rookie with a dumb nickname related to a most-likely-disgusting story?

just look at his tiny serious face and his ginger hair

who is he? what’s his story? was he just drafted or did he spend some time in juniors/falcs’ minor team? is he a tiny 18 yo having to share rookie status with JACK ZIMMERMANN? How does he feel about that?

why is he in the trainers’ room? is he just waiting for (paint-me-like-one-of-your-french-goalies) snowy? DOES HE HAVE SOMETHING WITH SNOWY?

anyway, throw my way any poots (or poots/snowy, for that matter) hc you have pretty please with a cherry on top?

have you always wanted to be a part of a squad ? made up entirely of badass goddesses, just like yourself ? with girls that you can talk to about anything and everything like books and music, to personal problems and crushes or just about the weather ? well, then this is for you

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