anonymous asked:

top 10 fav hp blogs atm?

eeeeek this is a hard question and i dont wanna offend anyone so i’m gonna just list some friends / people i see on my dash a lot :) also theyre probably gonna be multifandom but still post hp bc thats what i mostly follow, sorry!

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captainmcfluffin  asked:

Do you have any headcanons about James Sirius Potter?

ooh yes here are some assorted hcs abt everyone’s fave james sirius potter:

  • first we’re going to start off with a very popular trend that james pretty much started by himself (with a little help from dom):
    • so james has never really cared too much about gender roles
    • it’s something that he learned from teddy and teddy honestly could not be more proud 
    • like he lets dom paint his nails alternating red and gold a week before every single quidditch match, without fail
      • and james never bothers to get rid of it, he just lets it chip off on it’s own
      • at first some of the other kids tease and ridicule him
      • but he’s such a star player and makes such a huge difference to the team that eventually people just ?? stop caring ??
      • soon enough the entire quidditch team starts doing it with him
      • and they win all their matches with amazing matching nail polish
        • and even a huge portion of the other students will participate as a house pride thing
        • it makes james s0 happy that people can join in & not care about what other people think for once
          • also dom and james can get so smug about it too
  • another thing we’re going to talk about it: james is bisexual
    • he never really had a “bi awakening” he always just sort of knew that he liked both genders
  • and although he was never ashamed of being bi, he was a little nervous to tell his parents
    • he did so at 14, and of course, without any doubt they stood by and supported him
  • after that, he was a lot more open about bi when it came to dating
    • like ,, he may or may not have snogged tyler finnigan-thomas after a gryffindor match to get the word out
      • it was a friendly snog okay,, a guy helping a guy out
      • no feelings attached whatsoever
  • and it may or may not be true that he dated the hufflepuff head boy for three months
    • like i’m not implying anything but you know what i mean
  • him and dom are “bi buddies”
    • they always have convos about which boys and girls are the fittest
    • or which ones are the best kissers lmao
      • ((eventually they invite rose in the club too))
  • so bisexuality isnt very common and james thinks bisexuality is an important thing for the wizarding world to normalize
    • so he, as a popular figure, helps advocate for bisexuality being real and valid once he leaves school
    • what an inspiration
      • nd he’s also such a mentor to the other wotter lgbt+ kids ??
  • even if he can be a little exasperating w all his pranks and jokes, they all love him
  • everybody loves james
  • well not really but

30 Bands/Artists in 30 Days | 18/30: NIGHTWISH

Favorite Song: Ghost Love Score
Favorite Album: Once (2004)
Favorite Lyrics: “Sometimes the within is piano black, piano black over cleansing waters” (Song of Myself)
First Song Ever Heard: Nemo
Most Played Song: Song of Myself
Seen Them Live? No
Fan Since: 2005
How Did You Hear About Them? The 1st time I heard their music was in a Portuguese metal program on the TV. I confess that when I heard Tarja’s voice, it didn’t grab me at first, but I loved ‘Nemo’, so I decided to listen to others songs. Then of course, I change my opinion when I got the ‘End of an Era’ DVD.
Favorite Memory of the Band? When it was announced that Floor was official joining the band.

5 More of Miscellaneous Amtrak Power by railfan 44 on Flickr.

Front and center is an Amtrak Hiawatha train leaving Chicago Union Station on the Milwaukee Road tracks. Passing overhead is a Chicago & North Western commuter train leaving its Chicago Passenger Terminal.

Photo by Marty Bernard, taken from Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago on March 19, 1975.

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After Molly’s death, all of the Weasleys/Potters decided she should be buried in the last Weasley sweater she had knitted for herself.