Sarah was on her way back from Colorado so I didn’t feel terribly sad missing out on NW Tuesday. I went straight home and had some dinner. Kevin ended up getting home early too and we both went to bed at 8:30!! It. Was. The. Best. From being in the car so much in Texas and staying up later than normal my body sure needed the extra sleep and it was glorious. I woke up today feeling very refreshed.

I had a moment yesterday when I thought about just not caring at all about eating or exercise for the rest of the week because I wasn’t starting my week on a Monday BUT I figured I would be much happier to try and throw myself back into my routine as much as possible.

I had breakfast this morning, made my coffee, put together a pretty decent lunch and I plan on getting my exercise on tonight. I’m officially starting my week on a Wednesday!


NEW limited edition tee “High Scores” coming soon! I made this to sell at the upcoming NW PINBALL SHOW in Tacoma June 5-7th! These are hand screen printed with LOVE using water based inks on Canvas unisex tees for super soft, high quality print that wont crack, and a nice retro look. This is limited to 72 pieces (36/orange, 36/blue) and is available for pre order now, ships around June 10th!

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C&NW - Division Street by d.w.davidson
Via Flickr:
Caption: “In a view from the cab of C&NW Train No 633 on Track No. 1 at Division Street, Train No. 333, the Kenosha Club Run, paces along side on Track No. 3. The North Avenue Yard Office can be seen beyond the next curve. Train No. 633 is a Des Plaines local and has an advanced approach on the next signal. Train No. 333 has an approach indication, but the train ahead No. 331 will be sent on Track 1 between Deering Bridge and Canal Tower, while Train No. 333 runs around it on Track No. 2, enroute to its first stop at Highland Park.”


July 1980

Photo by D.W. Davidson

If you have any rivers you want me to monitor let me know.  Otherwise I’ll just be here obsessing over this river and planning alternate routes home.  Also if I take a certain way home I cross this river THREE times.

If you care to do your own obsessing check out the NWS Water page here.