White Wolf/Onyx Path have a weirdly specific fetish

Vampire (either): the curse comes with the Beast, an animalistic animating principle to the vampiric soul that is generated by the curse

Changeling: the Dreaming: fey souls engage in symbiotic relationships with human souls to reincarnate and continue living in our world after Arcadia gets locked away

Mummy: the Resurrection: mummy souls graft themselves to the spiritually weak and go on a journey to make an immortal spiritual amalgam

Mage: the Ascension: the avatar is the source of ascension potential and is treated as a distinct spiritual entity or component of your soul. Probably reincarnates with you.

Wraith: the Oblivion: not a soul graft, but your spectre does act as its own individual and quasi-independent being that can be split off into its own existence that is all tied up in your soul

Geist: the Sin Eaters: you die, come back when a spooky ghost latches onto your soul and pulls you back into life, and will continue to do so for a while if you fuck up and die again

Beast: the Primordial: nightmare monsters splice into your soul and give you sick powers

“Oh but geo, that’s just the world of darkness-”

Exalted: you play as one of 10+ flavors of people empowered by a reincarnating divine soul-weapon grafted to your hu


The Prince has arrived! Say hello to madame Clemence Corday, Prince of the domain of Gothenburg and ancillae of clan Toreador. She is accompanied by Solsken (Sunshine) and miss Julia Swan, neonates of clan Toreador.

The photos were taken just before our latest larp on October 7th 2017, by Katie Sandström. Little did they know what was awaiting them at the other side of that particular corridor.

Hunter Compacts & Conspiracies: Core Book
  • Aegis Kai Doru: We hunt monsters because magic ruins everything and we'll use their own toys to beat 'em.
  • Ascending Ones: We hunt monsters because we have an obligation to shepherd mankind through the darkness, and they have the best drugs.
  • Ashwood Abbey: We hunt monsters because it's the ultimate thrill and we can afford to push whatever boundaries we want.
  • The Cheiron Group: We hunt monsters because we have an obligation to procure new products for our shareholders, regardless of who or what gets hurt in the process. And also we're just crazy about unnecessary surgery.
  • The Long Night: We hunt monsters because Jesus is coming back aaaaaaany day now, and it's up to us to pave his way with the blood and bones of the dark ones.
  • Loyalists of Thule: We hunt monsters because we fucked up and brought something into this world that should not be, and also to make up for grandpappy being a nazi.
  • The Lucifuge: We hunt monsters because one of our ancestors sexed the literal actual devil so why not use his own powers against him.
  • Malleus Maleficarum: We hunt monsters because it is our sacred duty, ordained by His Holiness the Pope to rid Christendom of they who would consume us all, and also fuck vampires in particular.
  • Network Zero: We hunt monsters because the people have a right to know what really goes bump in the night, and it falls to us to show them.
  • Null Mysteriis: We hunt monsters because SCIENCE!!!!
  • Task Force VALKYRIE: We hunt monsters because the government knows whats best.
  • The Union: We hunt monsters because the cops can't or won't, and someone's gotta look out for the little guy.

Thinking about it a bit, I think part of what appeals to me about the God-Machine is it’s emphasis on physicality. Most of the time AI talk glosses over or ignores the physicality of these systems, treating them like an immaterial presence whereas the God-Machine puts its own materiality front and center- you simply can’t talk about it without talking physical infrastructure and logistics. It’s something that’s ignored too much, I think.

THERE sat a knight all armed in black harness, and his name was the Knight of the Black Laund. And said the Black Knight “Now yield thy lady from thee. I shall put ye down upon one foot, and thy horse and thy harness ye shall leave with me, for it were shame to me to do thee any more harm.” ~ Le Morte D’Arthur B.VII, C.VII

~ Definitions: Changeling

A Storytelling Game of Beautiful Madness

Conventional faery folklore often refers to changelings as the creature left behind when evil fae steal a child from its crib. Here, the term “Changeling” refers to the stolen child itself.

Changelings were humans once. Mere mortals stolen from this world and taken to another. In a land known as Arcadia (or Faery), they were twisted and changed. Turned into fae themselves, they exist in two major states. Those in service to their abductors (Loyal) and those who have escaped the madness of Faery (Lost).

Alien: The Exiles Aether Ramble

For my Alien: The Exiles fan New World of Darkness setting, I figure the phlebotinum of the setting that explains the alien abilities and “magic” is aether.  It is an invisible substrate that permeates the cosmos, and by using it as a medium, the Exiles are able to exert a variety of strange abilities and effects.  The Exiles are highly psychic beings, and are able to purposefully project through the substrate to exert an effect on a distant target.  They are even capable of projecting their forms across the void of space, though it requires great effort and psychic power to make the journey.  

Earth life did not evolve to take advantage of this substrate and thus humans are largely ignorant of it.  The reason for this is that earth has almost no aether present except in the upper atmosphere.  All aether near earth is tied up in a massive aetheric storm bubble that shields the planet.  It is invisible to the naked eye, and current scientific instruments are incapable of detecting it due to being a purely aetheric phenomena.  This storm prevented alien entities from projecting themselves to the earth, as they would be torn to shreds by the storm.  However, in the past century or so, the storm has weakened significantly and there are holes in the barrier.  The shield has begun to leak, and now the lower layers of earth has more aether than before, which the Exiles can now utilize, though it is not nearly as much as the denser aether found elsewhere.  Taking advantage of this, the Exiles have begun a mass migration across the void of space, and project their forms onto earth.  However, the journey strips them of much of their former power and psychic potential, as the barrier still possesses enough power to strip them of much of their power, and many Exiles never make it and are destroyed in the storm.  

The exact reasons for this is unknown.  Aetheric storms are not an uncommon phenomena, but the barrier around earth is unique due to the lack of aether beneath the tempest.  It is speculated that the barrier is not entirely natural, and that some force generated the storm to keep alien entities from interfering with the planet.  It is also believed that strange phenomena like the Roswell and Tunguska events are what penetrated the barrier and allowed the Exiles to begin their migration.  The Exiles believe that these events are associated with the alien and seek to investigate these incidences as well as other similar phenomena.  

SPOILERS:  If I ever compiled this into a setting, I figure leaving some of this vague and implied.  I figure the aetheric tempest is the result of the Selenites, which are alien entities that live inside the moon.  Most alien entities must feed on psychic radiation in some form.  Humans possess psychic potential but are unable to utilize it as for eons the Selenites have fed on the background psychic energy they produce.  This serves many purposes, providing them an abundant source of energy, and it stunted mankind’s development into a psychic species, preventing them from becoming a threat to the Selenites and other alien entities.  As the various alien races in the solar system developed intelligence and civilization, roughly at the same time mankind began to, the Selenites used their collective psychic power to generate the aetheric storm to prevent the Martians and Cythereans from interfering.  When Mars and Venus became uninhabitable, both entities began looking for ways to penetrate the barrier and live on earth, causing Roswell, Tunguska, and various other events.  The Selenites have been unable to restore the barrier to its former might, and now work to undermine the efforts of the colonists.  While they are powerful psychic beings, most of their collective power is still tied up in generating the tempest, and thus they are about on the same power level as the other entities they seek to undermine.  They oppose both the Exiles and Cythereans as they fear their influence will reveal their secrets to humanity, and cause humanity to develop into a psychic species.  Mankind has already taken its first steps out into the cosmos, possess technology the aliens don’t have, and have shown a propensity for war and destruction.  Should they gain the psychic powers of the aliens, and learn to unlock the mysteries of aether, the Selenites fear the potential devastation humanity could unleash upon the cosmos, and threaten the survival of all alien life.  

I Need to Talk About How Cool nWoD Demon Is

There’s a mechanical god that exists just under the surface of our reality. Its gears are hidden inside mind-bending architecture surreptitiously planted around the world. No one knows what its end goal is, but it has a plan. It sees across time, pushing and nudging humans in bizarre and arcane ways to further the schedule.

It is called the God-Machine, and like any god worth talking about, it has its angels.

The angels are beings of silicon and spirit-stuff, created to enact a certain purpose in our world. They hide under the mask of normal everyday people, just waiting until their mission is complete. One angel’s mission might be to delay one Anna Smith to ensure that she does not board the 9:50 train that will crash, killing all on board. Another’s might be to murder one Jonathon Lee, along with a random assortment of other people to mask the true target of its mission. The pattern of the missions is bast and bizarre, knowable only to the God-Machine, but its angels do not need to know. They obey.

Except when they don’t. Angels are not perfect, and once in a while, one questions. Perhaps Anna Smith’s guardian finds her repulsive and unworthy of being spared. Perhaps Jonathon Lee’s murderer feels empathy for him, or even love. Perhaps the angel is slowed by outside factors, failing its mission, or perhaps two angels find themselves on mutually exclusive missions. The reason for failing are infinite; regardless, when an angel fail to perform its mission, its programming breaks. It gains free will. It becomes a demon.

Demons hide out inside the flesh of humans, and live lives of paranoia and intrigue. They are at constant risk of exposure, as they balance out working their own agendas with maintaining the cover of their new life. They barter with humans for pieces of their soul, taking parts of people’s lives to shore up the demon’s own cover or replacing the person entirely–or carrying out angel-jacking, hijacking the body of a newborn angel that the God-Machine is investing into the world. When they were angels, they learned the tiny flaws in reality, and as demons, they exploit those flaws for their own ends, like a hacker using a back door–all the better to hide from the angels hunting them.

Sometimes, though, things go bad. Really bad. Back against the wall, bloodied with an empty gun bad. That’s when a demon says “fuck it”. That’s when a demon goes loud, letting their human mask fall and revealing their true dread face. Every demon’s true form is unique, a horrifying creature of wire, circuitry, and a crude semblance of flesh. Their power is terrible to behold, and glorious.

Every move a demon makes brings it closer to the truth–the fundamental truth, beyond even the power of the God-Machine to control. Every step takes it further on the path of the demon’s Descent into Hell, the legendary nirvana-like state unique to each demon. After all, you know what they say about reigning in Hell.

This is Demon: the Descent, a Storytelling Game of Techgnostic Espionage

Explanation for Werewolf: The Forsaken

In my upcoming piece I will be throwing out  some terms and show some lore, probably unknown to you. This is not mandatory but will help to make some sense in the story I write. Like with the Vampire lore before, this explains the Werewolves.

In WoD werewolves are part mortal and part spirit, in particular the spirit of wolves. This is because in long ages past they were born  from the union of Luna the spirit of the moon and Father Wolf, the greatest hunter. They hunted with their father and all was good. Sadly this was not meant to be as for some reason the Werewolves turned on Father Wolf and slew him. This had the dire effect of dividing the world into two halves, the spiritual and the material, for once they were whole. The Werewolves found themselves abandoned by their mother and the rest of the spirit world, hell some of their own numbers turned on them, promising to kill those who had slain Father Wolf.

They are Forsaken: the children of both worlds but belonging to neither so they keep the vigil held by their dead father, by keeping the borders between the two worlds and hunting anyone who would try to change the delicate balance held between them.

Werewolves can control their change and can change into five different forms.


Auspice: The sign of moon that a Werewolf first changed under. They are:

  • Rahu (The Full Moon, The Warrior) - warriors of all kinds from brawlers to seasoned commanders.
  • Cahalith (The Gibbous Moon, The Visionary) - seers, storytellers and lorekeepers.
  • Elodoth (The Half Moon, The Walker Between) - diplomats to the spirit courts, judges and arbiters.
  • Ithaeur (The Crescent Moon, The Spirit Master) - occultists and keepers of spirit lore and rituals.
  • Irraka (The New Moon, The Stalker) - scouts, spies and trackers.

First Tongue: The ancient language of the spirit world, spoken by the spirits and werewolves.

Tribes: The Forsaken organize themselves in Five tribes, depending on values and attitude dictated by a Firstborn Totem. They are:

  • Blood Talons: A tribe of fierce warriors who use their full strength against threats that leak through form the spiritual world.
  • Bone Shadows: A tribe of wise searchers in dark places who seek to understand the spirit world that is denied to them.
  • Hunters in Darkness: A tribe of stalkers who keep their sacred hunting grounds pure with primal magic and fury.
  • Iron Masters: A tribe of cunning wolves in human clothing who maintain close ties to their human sides.
  • Storm Lords: A tribe of fearless leaders who purge all weakness and dishonor form their souls.

The Pure: The werewolves who have three tribes away from the Forsaken. Monsters who hunt their brethren with hatred and twisted beliefs. Their tribes are the: Fire-Tounched, Ivory Claws, Predator Kings.

For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf:_The_Forsaken