Hola a todas, meloncitas de corazón de melón, bien como lo prometido es deuda, les traigo el pequeño regalo que había preparado para las Teamarmin,no es la mejor animación del mundo tuve muchos errores, pero lo hice con mucho cariño y esfuerzo para todas ustedes, lo que sea que se venga en el arco de Armin, recuerden, siempre pueden llevarle un pastel trampa a prisión XDD; no broma, esperemos que todo resulte bien como en los arcos anteriores, bueno sin mas me retiro espero que les guste, esta vez no tiene marca de agua pero pido que si lo suben a alguna otra pagina den los créditos correspondientes, ya que todo a excepción del escenario de fondo de la cafetería lo eh echo yo desde cero, y si me ah costado mucho tiempo hacerlo, así que lo pueden ocupar como gusten siempre que den los créditos nwn bye bye

Welp…that’s colors for Music Box! Goth -MB!goth for nickname-…yeah…its soo red…but…i love it…i do a scale of black in skirt…and add a detail that i don’t know if you can see it ewe…i say that’s a blow like a butterfly…like music box geno with her scarf *i asume that geno is a girl like this goth -don’t kill me nekophy sempai~-…that’s references of MB!goth with colors and ocult details…please…if anyone do a fanart…tag me…its the only thing that i want…and of course tag nekophy sempai…cause she’s mom of original goth

MB!Goth: @kuroshironekoworld (me)
Goth: @nekophy
Monster-sized music box: @blogthegreatrouge / @underverse-trash


sorry its not that good! its my first animatic ahh; 

i hope y’all like it tho nwn

  • Elves: oh wow, existence is new and intriguing? But lo! Who is this rider approaching!?
  • Melkor: THE WORLD IS FULL OF DANGERS AND YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED; also fuck the valaaaaaaaaaar
  • Oromë, later: oh heyyyyyy you're awake
  • Oromë, in Aman: Dude I have no idea what to do; they're terrified of everything. Your brother told them some shit...
  • Manwë: Like what, per chance?
  • Oromë: That the world is scary and that we're scary and to be scared of everything because everything is dangerous...
  • Manwë:
  • Manwë: he's not wrong

Sorry for the delay, this drawing take me so much time to make it, but I think is fine, isn’t? qwq
And well, I’m gonna explain a little bit about my illustration~
In the part of down, I put the start of the history of this character with his universe without name (that’s the reason for why I drew the feets and legs of him like a sketch), in the dark and liquid part I did a reference with this event of the Ink’s history (other reference apart of the darkness, are the legs I drew without your clothes, and well, he shows his bones (?), and finally, from the coffe part and the other colors, it’s a little representation about the zone who live the AU’s.
Maybe this is isn’t the best drawing than probably see Comyet, but I really tried to show her a bit of my art ;u;
So, I hope enjoy this!!!

(sorry for my english :’v)

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet/ @myebi 
Art by me nwn