• QueenS
  • THEESatisfaction
  • awE naturalE

Song Of The Day: TGI Friday (6/29/13)

Song: QueenS

Artist: THEESatisfaction

Album: awE naturalE 

Really, though. Don’t funk with my groove. It’s the weekend before the 4th of July and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to wild out. Don’t mind me. Cop the album here


Si Note - Imagining

y'all probably won’t watch this. but this? its soul. so many people don’t have any in their music. most “artists” don’t have any substance enough to make anything truly from their heart. my bro did good on this song. 



My first Music Video with Jay-solo and Si-Note. 

ClassicRetroVintageShit (CRVS) 

check it out and let me know what you think. 


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here. We present you this compilation of NW summer jams that you can bump anywhere and everywhere. We certainly hope you do. 

NWHH’s Ultimate Summer Playlist:

  • Marion Sunshine - Blue Scholars
  • I Heart Beer - The Physics
  • Lemonade - Fly Moon Royalty
  • This Shit - Sol
  • Brand New Bike (Ft. Ariana Deboo) - Sam Lachow
  • Extrahelladope (Ft. Helladope) - State Of The Artist
  • Molly Moon (Ft. Geo & Thig Nat) - Brothers From Another
  • Roll My Way - Scribes
  • Summer Breeze (Ft. JusMoni) - Dave B.
  • Things I Haven’t Done - The Good Husbands
  • QueenS - THEESatisfaction
  • At It Again - Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) 
  • Sunglasses On - Fresh Espresso
  • Maggie Was Fly (Ft. Grynch) - Brothers From Another
  • Posse On Broadway (Ft. John Crown, Gazmo, & Fice) - EvergreenOne
  • NXNW (Remix) - Macklemore
  • All I Wanna Do (Ft. Sol) - Grynch
  • Brain Champagne - Thadwick Tristan Trevor III & Swan Coltrane
  • Cool Kid - Eighty4 Fly
  • Cruz - Blue Scholars
  • Feelin’ Fresh (Ft. Grynch & Prometheus Brown) - Nam Nice
  • Beach Cruisers & Lemonade - Fice
  • I’m @ The Ocean Kid - Don’t Talk To The Cops
  • Coronas On Madrona - The Physics 
  • Mister Rogers - Grynch
  • Orange Skyline - Gift Uh Gab
  • The Viaduct - The GNU Deal 
  • Beeba Vision Part II - Brothers From Another
  • Wild For The Night - The Good Husbands
  • Home (Ft. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B, & Ish) - Jake One 

Like. Share. Enjoy. 

Download the compilation. 

White Privilege
  • White Privilege
  • Macklemore
  • The Language Of My World

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (1/30/14)

Song: White Privilege 

Artist: Macklemore

Album: The Language Of My World

There’s no way we can get to Thursday this week without posting this Macklemore track. Macklemore’s wins at the Grammys last weekend have been a sore subject for the hip hop community. Whether you think that he should have won or not, he still did. White Privilege, off of Macklemore’s second album The Language Of My World, dropped in 2005 (before he even met Ryan Lewis). Even almost ten years ago Macklemore was acknowledging the fact that there is a rift in the hip hop community. Take a listen toWhite Privilege and you can pick it up here

Song Of The Day: Taco Tuesday (12/10/13)

Song: Murakami


Album: N/A

The third in Made in Heights’ “trilogy of singlettes” dropped today. Hopefully this means a full project isn’t too far behind! This single falls in line with Made in Heights’ unique sound we’ve been hearing from them from the beginning. Be sure to cop all three singles (DEATH, Pirouette, and Murakami) at madeinheights.com

Song Of The Day: Taco Tuesday (12/31/13)

Song: Pop It In

Artist: Made In Heights

Album: The Woods

Not gonna lie, the first time I heard this track I was immediately hooked. It’s upbeat and infectious in the best way possible. I highly recommend copping the “albumixtape” and you can do so here

Song Of The Day: Taco Tuesday (2/25/14)

Song: Mister Rogers (Remix) (feat. Bambu & Slug of Atmosphere)

Artist: Grynch

Album: N/A

My cassette to ipod player finally kicked the bucket so it’s been back to putting my NWHH mix CDs into rotation again. This song reminds me of all the days last summer I spent with my windows rolled down, sunroof open, and music blaring. Summer is only a few months away and it doesn’t hurt to pretend it’s right now! Get the remix here

Song Of The Day: Turntable Tuesday (5/7/13)

Song: Do You Have Time

Artist: THEESatisfaction

Album: Transitions

The lovely ladies of THEESatisfaction are a definite favorite us at NWHH. Their last show with Shabazz Palaces was tonight and they’ll be doing a string of shows across the pond in Europe. They’ll be playing at Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee Festival on July 13th along with many other of your favorite acts for free. Until then, you can make some time for this dope track. Get it here.

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (3/3/14)

Song: Boathouse ft. Sol

Artist: Dave B

Album: N/A

Not gonna lie, I haven’t been this excited over a new track in a while. Dave B teams up with Sol & producer Jake One on this killer track. We’re hoping this means that a new album is coming sometime soon. Until that happens you can check out the track here.  

Song Of The Day: Sippin’ Saturday (4/19/14)

Song: Atonement (ft. Prometheus Brown & Vitamin D)

Artist: Marcus D

Album: Simply Complex

Marcus D has been halfway around the world in Japan making music, but the Northwest native is back in the states touring with Bop Alloy. He recently released his highly anticipated album, “Simply Complex”, and it’s full of jazz infused beats and dope-ass features. He brings it home with “Atonement” along with Pro Brown and Vitaman D. You can purchase the album here

Re Fresh
  • Re Fresh
  • Common Market
  • Common Market

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (09/12/13)

Song: Re Fresh

Artist: Common Market 

Album: Common Market

Back in 2005 we were introduced to Common Market’s self-titled debut album. Both RA Scion and Sabzi continue to make incredible music on their own respective projects, but the music that they have created as CM still resonates. Kick back and relieve some stress while you listen to this refreshing track. You can purchase the album here.

Commencement Day
  • Commencement Day
  • Blue Scholars
  • The Long March EP

Song of the Day: Throwback Thursday (6/13/13)

Song: Commencement Day

Artist: Blue Scholars 

Album: The Long March EP

We want to dedicate this song to everyone who’s graduating this week. You did it. Whether you’re going off into the real world or are about to embark on summer break, we hope you have a good time doing it. It may not always be easy, but just know that you’re not alone. Anyways, you know we had to throw it back to this Blue Scholars classic for you. Purchase the album here

New People
  • New People
  • Blue Scholars
  • OOF! EP

Song Of The Day: Turntable Tuesday (10/29/13)

Song: New People

Artist: Blue Scholars

Album: OOF! EP

I was revisiting the ’OOF! EP’ recently and I forgot how much I truly enjoy it. It totally brings back memories of living in the 808. Get yourself a copy of it here.

Southside Revival
  • Southside Revival
  • Blue Scholars
  • The Long March EP

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (5/30/13)

Song: Southside Revival

Artist: Blue Scholars

Album: The Long March EP

Let’s throw it back to a classic Scholars track from The Long March EP.    This is one of the tracks that introduces you to the intelligent and chill sounds of the Blue Scholars. You can understand why this is a favorite for us. Purchase the EP here

P.S. We also want to dedicate this track to our own Brittany Ward who’s celebrating her birthday today. She’s doing great and amazing things and we are proud to have her as a part of the NXNW family. :)

Song Of The Day: Whatever Wednesday (2/5/14)

Song: Shreds

Artist: Grieves

Album: Winter & The Wolves

YO. It’s almost been a good three years since Grieves’ last album “Together, Apart” came out. He recently announced that his latest album “Winter & The Wolves” will drop on March 25th. We’ve been waiting patiently and by the sounds of this first single, it’s well worth the wait. You can pre-order the album and stream the track here.

Proletariat Blues
  • Proletariat Blues
  • Blue Scholars
  • The Long March EP

Song Of The Day: Turntable Tuesday (03/26/13)

Song: Proletariat Blues

Artist: Blue Scholars

Album: The Long March EP

Whether you’re working at a job you hate or you’ve been laid off unexpectedly, you gotta do what you can to make ends meet. I’m sure my broke college folk know what I’m talking about. We’ve all experienced the ’Proletariat Blues’ at some point. Get the EP here

Song Of The Day: Taco Tuesday (1/14/14)

Song: 80 Bars

Artist: Sam Lachow

Album: N/A

Taco Tuesday always calls for a song that throws off a great vibe and 80 Bars does just that. Sam Lachow’s flow is impressive and gives you something to jam to on this Tuesday night. Don’t forget to download 80 Bars (for free) here.