Ryan Caraveo, an up and coming artist reigning from Seattle, just released a video for the single “Wallowing”. His album “Swings” is set to drop sometime this summer and by the looks and sounds of this, it’s very promising. 

Swollen Members ft Nelly Furtado

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (11/21/13)

Song: Breathe (Ft. Nelly Furtado)

Artist: Swollen Members

Album: Monsters In The Closet

A lot of people may not remember this album, but Swollen Members’ ’Monsters In The Closet’ had some low-key dope tracks. The album itself is over ten years old, but these B.C. natives know how to kill it. It doesn’t hurt that they also had a little help from a well-known friend on the track. Purchase the album here

King Lear
Sam Lachow
King Lear

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (6/10/13)

Song: King Lear

Artist: Sam Lachow

Album: N/A

Sam Lachow just released his highly anticipated new single ‘King Lear’. He also dropped a video for the track that was shot by Stephen Gray and directed and edited by Sam himself. He digs deep with this track discussing the not-so-great side of being an artist, but in a positive & reflective light. Sam’s a favorite for us and this is a pretty good example as to why. Download the track here.

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (4/23/13)

Song: Black Velvet

Artist: Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko


When I heard this song earlier today all I could think was “DAMN.” Nacho & Avatar simply kill it with this track. It won’t be long either until we get a new album from the two of them appropriately dubbed ‘VAMPSTERDAM’. Until then, you can get this track for free on Soundcloud

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Si Note - Imagining

y'all probably won’t watch this. but this? its soul. so many people don’t have any in their music. most “artists” don’t have any substance enough to make anything truly from their heart. my bro did good on this song. 



My first Music Video with Jay-solo and Si-Note. 

ClassicRetroVintageShit (CRVS) 

check it out and let me know what you think. 


Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (3/3/14)

Song: Boathouse ft. Sol

Artist: Dave B

Album: N/A

Not gonna lie, I haven’t been this excited over a new track in a while. Dave B teams up with Sol & producer Jake One on this killer track. We’re hoping this means that a new album is coming sometime soon. Until that happens you can check out the track here.  

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Re Fresh
Common Market
Re Fresh

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (09/12/13)

Song: Re Fresh

Artist: Common Market 

Album: Common Market

Back in 2005 we were introduced to Common Market’s self-titled debut album. Both RA Scion and Sabzi continue to make incredible music on their own respective projects, but the music that they have created as CM still resonates. Kick back and relieve some stress while you listen to this refreshing track. You can purchase the album here.

Song Of The Day: Whatever Wednesday (2/5/14)

Song: Shreds

Artist: Grieves

Album: Winter & The Wolves

YO. It’s almost been a good three years since Grieves’ last album “Together, Apart” came out. He recently announced that his latest album “Winter & The Wolves” will drop on March 25th. We’ve been waiting patiently and by the sounds of this first single, it’s well worth the wait. You can pre-order the album and stream the track here.

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Let It Be
Dyme Def
Let It Be

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (6/6/13)

Song: Let It Be

Artist: Dyme Def

Album: Space Music

This classic Dyme Def track is notable for its title and sample that anybody can recognize. A story of dealing with hard times that plenty of us can relate to, it’s no wonder this track still gets a lot of love that it deserves. Purchase ‘Space Music’ here.

Fuel Injected
Swollen Members
Fuel Injected

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (4/25/13)

Song: Fuel Injected (Ft. Moka Only)

Artist: Swollen Members

Album: Bad Dreams

Note to self: don’t forget about the neighbors up North. Swollen Members have been around for quite some time and they recently dropped their 5th studio album, ‘Beautiful Death Machine.' They are no strangers to the game and you can hear it in their music. 'Bad Dreams’ came out back in 2002, but it still goes hard. This is definitely the track that introduced me to their music. You can purchase the album here

White Walls (Featuring Schoolboy Q & Hollis)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
White Walls (Featuring Schoolboy Q & Hollis)

Song Of The Day: Whatever Wednesday (7/24/13)

Song: White Walls (Ft. Schoolboy Q & Hollis)

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Album: The Heist

Earlier today it was hinted that Dick’s on Broadway was the place to be if you’re a Macklemore fan. Lo and behold, Macklemore and company were there shooting a video for ‘White Walls’ with a couple thousand fans. As you can imagine, Broadway has been shut down. You know where the posse’s at. Purchase the album here.


Check out the dope new video by The Physics for “Am I Crazy?” featuring Alisha Roney. 

Turn Me Loud
Turn Me Loud

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (11/26/13)

Song: Turn Me Loud

Artist: Sol

Album: Eyes Open

Solzilla just released the video for ’Turn Me Loud' from his latest, ’Eyes Open’. If the track itself wasn’t already great, the visuals for it are stunning. Check it out for yourself and purchase the album here

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (5/6/13)

Song: Ghost

Artist: The Flavr Blue

Album: N/A

I’m hella stoked that The Flavr Blue released this new track. Lace Cadence, Parker Joe and Hollis form such a dope group and they have this incredible electro-dance sound that you can’t ignore. Get ‘Ghost’ for free here

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