The Host

A fun event to have with your bookclub is watching a movie together. Better yet, a book that was made into a movie. We decided to check out Stephenie Meyer’s The Host this past weekend. Personally, I loved the book. I know it was hard to get into at 1st. But once you make it past the first few chapters it then becomes a page turner. i could not put down. I had to know what was going to happen to Wanda. 

Well we saw the movie this past Sunday and everybody enjoyed it. Even those who did not read the book really liked the movie.  I thought it was a great adaptation between book & movie. My only complaint was I felt the relationship between Wanda & Ian felt kinda rushed. They met and a couple days later they were in love. UHHHH no! I the book there was some time lapsed and you felt their love grow. But oh well. I liked the movie and so did my bookclub. 

Side note: The movie did have some Hot guys in it. lol