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Hi miss Bri! Just dropped by to say that I had a quite bad period in my private life, and that reflected on my academic life very much, so much that I was considering the idea of throwing away the last three years of my life because I felt completely inadequate.nWell, the only thing that made me go through this period was repeating myself "you're stronger than you think you are". And in the end I realized I am... Thank you. <3 I'll never be grateful enough for DAS and all that meant to me . <3

If the only thing that ever comes out of my time in this fandom is people using that line as a light in the darkness, I will be well content with that.

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OH YESSSS! I can finally do my first request HUEHUE... Ignored that xD first I just want to say that I ove this blog is amazing *3* nwell my request is a little confused I guess but here is: How would the GOM+Takao+Himuro react to know that his friend and teamate is a girl and all the school thinks she is a boy? Thanks <3

Baby I’m sorry, I don’t know if you noticed but I only write comfort themed scenarios ;A;