Many public lands in the western United States are under fire restrictions, including the BLM’s King Range National Conservation Area in California. Before you head out for a hike or ride on public lands, please check local offices for current fire restrictions and potential for wildfire.  

Learn more about current fire incidents at: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/

Post and photos by Justin Robbins, BLM California Outdoor Recreation Planner and Tumblr Blogger

Wildfires light up the Pacific Northwest

This image was taken by the Visible/Infrared imaging suite on NASA’s Suomi-NPP satellite, which orbits the planet from pole to pole and is built to be able to capture views of the planet at night. In addition to the lights of the cities, you can also see that the wildfires burning throughout the west also are lighting up the frame.

Nearly 30,000 firefighters are reportedly fighting fires in the U.S. western states right now, and the U.S. has begun sending in members of the regular army to support the firefighters. On Thursday, 3 firefighters working in the area of the Okanogan complex fire in northern Washington State were in a vehicle that crashed and was overtaken by the rapidly-moving fire, killing the firefighters. There have been 13 firefighters killed during the western fire season so far.


Image credit: NASA



Enjoy your public lands, but know before you go.

In mid-June, the BLM Arcata Field Office and King Range National Conservation Area placed fire restrictions on all undeveloped BLM managed lands including the Lost Coast

Fire restrictions generally mean a prohibition on building, maintaining, and/or attending campfires outside of developed campgrounds and recreation areas. 

Planning on going somewhere? Check the local land management office to learn about possible fire restrictions. You can find information about current wildfires at: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/  Also check out: http://www.weather.gov/ to learn more about fire weather and red flag warnings. 

-Justin Robbins