💙💧Had a test shoot for Lapis last night! I’m really glad I had the opportunity to try everything out before NWFF, now I have a much better idea of what I’ll need to do for the con and am a lot less nervous (I hope). Huuuuge thanks to artofprocrastination for spending the afternoon helping me with my paint and for assisting with the shoot, to avieur wielding the reflector, and to my dad for putting up with me and doing the photography. I tell you, I have the most amazing friends in the world. 💕

“You need to write,” says my husband after dinner when I spent six hours this morning writing at a coffee shop. “Go be productive.”

Then he literally locked me in our room. Or, well, locked the door so the kids couldn’t get in… I’m not like… trapped. That came out weird. Like possibly I’ve been thinking about Felicity’s dialogue a lot or something.

The Protector - Chapter 4 - Camping

The fact that Nori hadn’t in fact stolen the knives so much as been chosen by them did not help much, when he was still being hunted for them. Ushmaru Khazâd, the protector of the Dwarves. Nori laughed until he couldn’t breathe when he finally understood what Dwalin was trying to explain about them. Legendary weapons that had graced the hands of heroes through the ages. Every Dwarf wanted ushmar on their side, the protector, the most powerful warrior of their generation.

“I’m not,” Nori told Dwalin, choking back the laughter that was turning more than slightly hysterical. “I’m not that. I’ll never be.”

Dwalin and Nori get to know each other a little better!