otp meme - 2/4 ‘everyone can see it’ ships

↳The Princess Diaries: Clarisse & Joseph: “In less than a month, you will no longer be queen, and I will no longer be your head of security. I think it’s time we bring our friendship out of the shadows.”


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have you always wanted to be a part of a squad ? made up entirely of badass goddesses, just like yourself ? with girls that you can talk to about anything and everything like books and music, to personal problems and crushes or just about the weather ? well, then this is for you

R U L E S ;

  • mbf goddess persephone
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  • fill out this this form (sry its necessary!! i promise!)
  • this post must at least reach 50+ notes

L O O K I N G  F O R ;

  • love greek goddesses (or secretly want to be one)
  • want to meet people / make some gr8 friendships
  • friendly bloggers
  • clean + organized multifandom/aesthetic/fandom blogs 

W H A T  Y O U  G E T ;

  • a spot on the network page
  • a kik chat group for anything :’)
  • new pals!!
  • a follow from me
  • people who’ll like/reblog your selfies, edits, promos, whatever

A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O ;

  • feel free to ask me any questions
  • will be accepting about 10-12 members about 20 members depending on how many people apply
  • ends on july 25 (or around then) JULY 11!!!!!!
  • track #goddesssquadnw for any updates