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1) A full colored turf war squad pic of Team Parfait ordered by @sleeplessraccoon as a birthday gift for @rydiabun
2) Commission of @mr-mikey‘s Inkling OC Blake showing off his Pride with his specially themed Octobrush bristles & shirt!
3) Team busts of @clodcast‘s inkling squad :3
4) Fully colored Sonic OC in their !Boom outfit ordered by Deadly Sabertooth via email

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Patar-FuiFui/ Scourgesbestbuddy’s Art Commissions!

Yes folks I will be accepting art commissions! As said up on my posterboard, I am your go-to squid with all of the Sonics \ouo/

I will have seven slots open for this first round, and do bear with me if I’m slow (cashiering can take up all your energy after a long work day :’D)

I do reserve the right to refuse a commission if its deemed inappropriate or otherwise.

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National fluff day? Then let's have some fluff, shall we? Scenarios for the S and M brothers to what would their fluffiest moments with their s/o be like, please?

Laito got a little angsty as well, I’m sorry but I connect with him on some levels man nvn. 


Shu - Shu would have to have been when he once drank too much blood from you during a full moon. You had ended up passing out and woke up to Shu coddling you tightly. Wrapped up in his arms and pain tablets at the ready for the oncoming headache. The whole day you two did nothing but stay in bed and listen to his music… until the moans came on. Everybody wins!

Reiji - He was sitting on his couch in his office once reading and he let you prop your feet on his legs. It’s not exciting but it was sweet in his own way, especially when he ran his finger tips up and down your thigh, you were asleep in minutes. He even tucked you into bed.

Ayato - Your moment with him would have to have been when he had a truly horrific nightmare, he was so scared he went to your room and spent the day there after waking you up to console him. You spent the day curled up in a ball of tangled limbs while he pillow talked and told you all about his fears and what he was feeling at the moment. Just don’t tell anybody that Your’s Truly got scared.

Kanato - It was after an episode, Kanato had just gotten through wreaking havoc on the mansion because he could not find you. You were at the store running errands for Reiji and when you got home Kanato’s grip on your wrist was painful. That was until you give him a box of sweets and deserts you picked up just for him, he was so taken aback that his eyes weld up with tears. You freaked out and took him to go eat and watch a movie, you two were wrapped in blankets, Teddy in the middle, snuggled close together and under the influence of junk food.

Laito - He was acting strange that night for some odd reason, he wasn’t his usual teasing self. Instead of bantering and being the pervert he normally was he was more subdued, almost sad really. When asked he would tell you it’s nothing with that ghost smile until he finally broke and started talking. You two sat against the headboard of his bed, his head on your shoulder, as he told all things he felt, all things he kept buried, and how angry he was with what happened. He felt better after that and even legit hugged you and held you there in a vice.

Subaru - He had just came back from seeing Christa, she wasn’t herself and lashed out, once again reminding him of the disgusting creature he was. When he came back he was angrier than usual and took out on you by biting down harder than needed when he bit you, tearing the skin and creating tears in the holes that would take longer to heal. He let go and felt terrible when you cried out, instead of leaving like he normally would have he stayed and bandaged your wound, hugging you to his chest and apologizing like crazy until he finally told you about his visit.


Ruki - You were in PAIN, hell’s gates had broken loose and now no one was save from the bloody Niagara falls… also known as your menstrual cycle. Ruki had done everything, menstrual pain tablets, regular pain tablets, chocolate, soup, sex, nothing seemed to make your incessant groaning stop. He finally gained a clue and started to rub the small of your back all the way down to your tailbone kneading out the knots that were causing the pain. It was a sweet gesture on his part, especially when he kissed your temple when you lulled off to sleep finally.

Kou - He had woken up from a nightmare, one that made him lash out and whack you in the nose. Your poor nose was not bruised and bloody and Kou did the most uncharacteristic thing and started to apologize, checking if you were okay. Once the blood was cleaned up it looked fine, nothing a little makeup couldn’t fix, but he still felt a little bad as you laid back down and curled to his chest making him tell you about anything but his nightmares trying to get his mind off of it.

Yuma - Let’s face it Yuma’s not a sappy guy, romance is not his thing and if you’re thinking about a five star diner you’re out of luck. But one time you were helping him the garden, feeling really weak from the full moon that had passed which cause you to lose a lot of blood and sleep. You started to fall out when Yuma caught you and brought you to your room to make sure you were alright. You were woke up when you started to throw sugar cubes at you. Not romantic but it was nice of him.

Azusa - Azusa is a ball of fluff already so really it can’t get fluffier. You had crawled into his bed one night when you couldn’t sleep. Azusa naturally gravitated to your warmth and wrapped his cold form around you making you shiver ever so slightly. The action woke him up and he ended up biting you but the good thing is that you got the best cuddle session ever once he started to talk and lull you off to sleep.

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I know you said it too many times but.....*inhales* WHAT TABLET YOU USE?! *throws papers everywhere and throws i pad to the trash can*

AAA its okay!  I use a Cintiq 22hd! 

nvn now mind you, its nice and pretty to look at, but it doesnt define how i draw! OwO its merely a tool! a lot of people tend to get discouraged when they hear the tools that i use…. OWO BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY ive seen people make GLORIOUS works of art without anything fancy like a cintiq. nwn9 Practice and dedication to your craft is wat makes you soar my friends!

buon compleanno, and breithlá sona duit! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ happy early birthday to the italy brothers, and to miss ireland! ( i’m too impatient to wait another day! )

ireland / molly belongs to the lovely @aph-poland. nvn


a Squidmas gift for @tamarinfrog featuring all of her loveable squids (and octo)….in the Sonic Universe! \o0o/

I just wanna say, I absolutely love all your characters– including the ones from Random Doom and your original works, and you keep doing what you love Tammy; don’t ever let anyone bring you down ;v;

so i wish you and everyone reading this a happy christmas and merry holidays~~ nvn/

Team Splatjam, Team Vitamin Ink, Team Petal Splash, and Team Toxink all belong to @searching-for-bananaflies@cafe-cardamari


i heard you headcanoned Cosmo’s voice as Roger Craig Smith… F3c

and ANOTHER bonus to go with this!

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❤ Reactions from the S,M and T brothers if their S.O. gave them a bouquet of flowers? ❤

I’m not dead I swear nvn. Sorry this took so long babe.


Shu - “What are these? Quiet down I know they’re flowers…” He may seem like you’re bothering him with such useless things and interrupting his sleep, especially when he hands them back to you and orders you to put them in a vase, but that’s just Shu… he cares and appreciates them!… We think.

Reiji - “Well you do have a very nice taste in decor. Though these leaves are starting to wilt I’m sure I could fix that.” He fills a vase and they go right in the center of the table so he can admire them while you two eat dinner, even if he is nitpicky he still loves the thought that you gave them to him.

Ayato - “Uhh thanks, but you know something that Your’s Truly really wants?” Of course, it’s your blood. He may play around like that but he is really touched that you thought about him and will find a proper vase for them.

Kanato - Honestly he may be a little lost with his words because to be completely honest he’d rather you had brought him something sweet after all flowers die so easily at least candy has more… uses. (ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧

Laito - “Oh Little Bitch these are very pretty, maybe we could spread them on the bed~” If you were to agree he’d decline and keep them in a vase, you did go out of your way to pick them out just for him after all~ He’ll save that idea for a later date.

Subaru - Subaru.exe has stopped responding would you like to restart this program again? He’s at a total loss for words, through blushes and stutters you’ll get a thank you but other than that he’s hit the road jack. You’ll see him admiring them before placing them in a vase, so he can’t damage them.


Ruki - “Hmm these are rather nice Livestock, I suppose you have learned something.” He seems rather pleased with them actually, or more so pleased with the quality of them. They’ll be set in a vase in the dining room as the centerpiece that night for sure.

Kou - “Aw did my Kitten get these for me? Well, now I have to give you something back right?” Say yes… Just, please say yes.

Yuma - “Hey, Sow, where’d you get these? They better not have come from the garden… A shop? But I grow them?… A gift? Uh thanks…” After the questionnaire, he’d plant a kiss on top of your head and put them in a vase.

Azusa - “Ohh… these are really… pretty just like… Eve.” Did he just turn this back on you? Yes, he did… smooooth.

Tsukinami (they don’t get no love):

Carla - “These are very nice but you do know that I have no need for such things when you’re around.” How he manages to be this smooth is unfathomable but he does.

Shin - “What? Why would I want these, especially from you?” Rest assured when you are out of sight he’s blushing so hard. You may just find them in a very special vase in a very special place where he can see them whenever he wants… but he’s not gonna tell you that.

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Oye.. Esta es una pregunta que he querido hacer desde hace mucho tiempo pero... Cual es la versión canon de Fresh? Por que siempre he oído cosas como que no tiene sentimientos y en realidad es un parásito? Que de e si no entiendo nada! Un parásito? Que?! Y bueno... Tu al parecer sabes mucho de eso y seria lindo si pudieses explicar un poco de eso... Es que él inglés no es lo mio y en español no encuentro nada... Perdón si estoy molestando -L

No me molesta nvn Yo misma admito que me fue muy complicado conseguir la información Cannonica de Fresh XD Y la unica FIABLE al 100 que esta en existencia esta en exclusivamente ingles :’V Bueno…. Para iniciar un poco aclarare algo que a muchos les confunde Fresh tiene dos “Aspectos” así como Error el primero es el con el que fueron diseñados que es el mas “Undertale” que se parece mas a Sans si se puede decir así XD Lo cual es este

El segundo es el que yo llamo el “Aspecto Lucidia” que es el que sera utilizado para el comic “Lucidia” de CQ. A mi me gusta pensar que el primer diseño de Fresh es para cuando estaba mas Joven digamos unos veinte tantos y el Lucidia es mas para cuando tiene la Edad que ¡CREO! que tiene que esos serian unos 39 como su Momma :V

Y tenemos a TRUE!Fresh que este es el VERDADERO FRESH que este es el Fresh  de verdad verdad verdad que esta escondido dentro de su Victima esquelética consumiendo lentamente el alma de la misma para sobrevivir

Nada de los dibujos que están aquí son míos todos son de CQ Volviendo al cabo suelto… ¿Que quiero decir con esto? Que Fresh es el Parasito que esta escondido controlando a su pobre Victima dejando muy en claro que Fresh no es un Sans, yo pongo en los Hashtag “Fresh!Sans” por que si buscas solo Fresh no te sale sin embargo para mi Fresh no es un Sans como dije en una Post anterior solo hace falta sacarlo un poco mas de Undertale para que sea un OC de pies a cabeza

Dejando mis divagaciones espontaneas para acortar un poco mas la cosa, Fresh no es que no tenga sentimientos el tiene solo tres,  obviamente son negativos los cuales son Tristeza, Ira y Miedo. Los mas básicos si se puede decir para sobrevivir pero para mezclarse entre otros Mounstruos el simula tener sentimientos imitándolos como por ejemplo, aprendió que Sonreír es una manera directa de decir que no es una amenaza sin embargo esto no quiere decir que no tenga curiosidad por los otros sentimientos de todos los Sentimientos el que mas le da curiosidad es la “Felicidad” ya que bueno es un Ser vivo a final de cuentas. Fresh al ser un Parasito es Asexual por eso no le interesa hacer ustedes saben ya que para el este acto no tiene sentido sin embargo no dejemos de lado que Fresh si llega a tener eso seria MUY inocente en el asunto ya que al el no gustar de los Sinners no sabría como reaccionar

Como dato chistoso para finalizar el mega resumen, Fresh al no tener ese tipo de sentimientos tiene la mala costumbre de Robar besos a lo random solo por ver como la gente reacciona de hecho tiene un librito donde anota cuanta gente a besado XD