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Hello, Pandora Hearts fans! It has come to my attention that there isn’t a Pandora Hearts Network here on tumblr, and now that the series has ended, it seems like a good time to bring together those who were here for the ride and create one!


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Must be following admins: me, Mira & Repress [following other members is optional!],
Must track the tag phnet once accepted,
Must be nice & willing to meet others!


Likes & reblogs on selfies/posts tagged “phnet” once accepted,
New friends & followers,
Discussions, theories, etc. over Skype,
Meet other people who like Pandora Hearts!

Please consider applying! Keep your inbox open to be notified if you’re accepted!

Nyle vs the Naysayers by nyle

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“How would you feel about having a nice quiet dinner with me?”

“You know me, dear. I would never say no to any possibility of spending time with you~” 

A chuckle, light and soft, followed the words, for they did not have much time to spend with each other, yet would use any possibility given when the time was right and the moment perfect to indulge in. “So please~ feel free to lead the way. I am interested to see what you picked out~”

                                                                                    ( positiism ‘)

since this morning i could find anything to do, not even the smallest activity––due problems in the club all the practice was cancelled––troublesome since spring tournament is coming and we need to practice even more, but weather wasn’t in our side. i sighed while sitting on a bench after cleaning it from some cherry blossom petals, sitting next to a rather interesting guy. i decided to own my own business & ignored his presence. 

[ open ]

    When the collision of tactful, yet heavy steps
    and the stairs’ withered wood broke the silence
    he has been working in– or was supposed to
    work in at least - he didn’t attempt to blink through
    the dim light the lamp provided, assuming with a
    chuckle cut into freshly shaven skin that the source
    was of familiarity.
    “ If you’re here to encourage me on writing my
    report, Dick—. ”

NVN Athlete Katy is ahead of the game when it comes to beach season! What are you doing to get yourself ready for the summer?!


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                                                                                       ( vigilaxt ‘) 

the breeze was rather cold, too bad i forgot my scarf in the living room. everyone else seemed fine, well as expected of strangers who really paid attention to their surroundings. the only times i can be fully concentrated is in the court, my breathing could be heavy but i always try to think for something to try. a small boy––well it was almost my height––was glued to a video game on his phone, myself i like those things but i don’t have the time to play them. ‘ which game is it? ‘ i asked and smiled at him. ‘ oh if you don’t mind me asking–– ‘

Commission for skyecandi of her oc Dara. I owe her one more drawing, i had started them both some time agobut she changed her mod pony (to a much cuter version!) So i’ll be restarting that one since i didnt get very far. but this one i got to finish since the oc stayed the same nvn

She asked for Dara and some winter accessories. I hope its okay. I apologize for taking so long, the usually “school’s got me feeling kinda bad and also its a ton of work excuse” is all i’ve got. Hope you liked it anyways !