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III: this sounds like a scene from “portlandia”! what is it about performing live, that is most important to you? 

kk: first, there are personal things: i want my voice to sound good and my playing to be in time with the others. the absolute most important thing is when you feel that the audiences is really connecting with you and there’s that communal energy; it’s intoxicating. to have people come up to you after the show and say how your performance affected them, no matter how hard i could be on myself or what doubts i had about hitting the wrong cord or singing the wrong lyrics, i just feel lucky that i’m in a position to have a positive affect on someone’s day to day. 

III: that’s the powerful thing about music! i’ve read that you said that this ep is about wanderlust, loss, and gain. if someone is lost geographically or emotionally what song should they listen to? 

kk: oh wow! i guess it would depend on them. 

III: this is someone who has quit their 9-5 and decided to do a road trip from new york to l.a. what song do they need on repeat? 

kk: probably golden hour, it’s not even the lyrics, it’s more of the emotional atmosphere of the whole song that could be a guiding song. that’s a really cool question! i would like to think that someone would have that song on repeat if they’re lost! 

III:sxsw is known for being a platform for indie artists, what is your greatest success thus far and what type of success do you hope to gain at sxsw

kk: it’s hard to say what our greatest success has been so far, because we’ve been really lucky and had a lot of great people helping us along the way. there’s a few moments that i can name: our friends feel good lost and mdr records, they brought us over to ireland. they were really great at getting us some gigs and i feel like that’s a huge success. we made some amazing friends for life playing festivals, like iceland airwaves, dark season music festival. very recently, dj aaron axelsen at live 105, played our song on the radio—it was our radio debut. 

kk: as far as sxsw, we’re really excited it’s a legendary festival. i don’t know what to expect, i just hope we continue to meet really good people in the music industry. we’ve been really lucky with people liking our sound and supporting us. if one person walks away from each show liking our music, that’s the most important thing to me. whatever else happens is just the icing on the cake. 

III: what’s next for ghost town jenny

kk: the music video is probably the biggest thing coming. we shot it in the eastern sierras of california, it was beautiful. we shot it over a couple days in the freezing cold, practically in our underwear! it was an intense experience, but extremely magical. then a full-length album, we’re just narrowing it down and hoping we get offered to record with someone really awesome. we love touring, it’s an environment we thrive in, so after sxsw we will tour again in europe

III: very cool! i look forward to the video and the album! 

ghost town jenny is a band of wracked western style soundscapes + tangled strings experimentalism, bound together by powerful + unique female vocals. 

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