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im so  not sorry

(they have captions btw, if you’re one to read those.)

I’m just in a drawing mood today for some reason. It’s a nice change. I might post some sketches from my sketchbooks too because this blog has been wayyy too quiet.

stupid “bonus”:

Tell me! (Jungkook scenario)

Paring : Jungkook / You.

Genre : Fluff.

Requested by anon : ”scenario where you said you wanted to tell JK something and then say nvm, and jk challenges you to a play-fight and if he wins you tell him, so you say yes & you & Jungkook are play-fighting in your room, and he’s suddenly on top of you trying to make you give up but you insist not to, when he starts intimately bullying you with words, getting worse after every sentence, trying to get it out of you bc he knows you like him, making you extremely flustered, blushy, & defenseful  until he gets it out of you?”

A/N : I’m so so sorry for how late this is… I hope who ever requested it see this. I apologize for any mistakes. Enjoy!

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“Jungkook, I want to tell you something.” 

“Go head.”

“I was going to tell you the other day, but I co-” His phone rang, and he picked it up, before he answered he gave you a small smile as if he was apologizing.

You were at a small restaurant, having lunch with your best friend Jungkook, and you were hoping you could replace, ‘best’ with ‘boy’. 

“Sorry about that, you were saying.” He said once he hung up.

“Uh, nothing..” you lost your courage.

“Come on, tell me.”

“I-I forgot,” you smiled and shoved some food in your mouth.

Jungkook isn’t stupid, he knew you were hiding something from him, but he didn’t push it.

Later that day, he invited you over, saying he was bored and needed his best friend to play with him. You weren’t his only friend, he had plenty, but you could never say no to him.

“is this why you called me? Really Jungkook!” you said, faking annoyance. 

“I thought you liked playing video games with me.”

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