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before & after of these icons

tako-pancakes  asked:

(edi-bubbs wanted to send you this thru me cause she was busy) Your epic Mickey bendy was fantastic! I'm not sure if you are taking suggestions, but it'd be fun to see Squigglydigg's (tako- not sure if he is originally hers or not) blot Bendy in that style. But, I literally squealed when I saw your bendy. Thank you for your wonderful art:)

aww you mean this sweetheart?
I believe he originally came from shinyzango, that is if we’re talking about the same bendy (blot bendy seems awfully specific and I don’t think I’ve come across that name for him before)
but if this is the guy you want, then I’m on my way to make more epic mickey bendy content ahah
in the meantime hold this version just cause I wanted to draw him  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This is about you. x

Polish abbreviations - Messenger and texts

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Apart from English abbreviations like nvm, btw, ok, tbh etc., we also use abbreviations of Polish words. 

Polish abbreviation - Polish (”full” word) - English

  • zw - zaraz wracam - I’ll be right back
  • jj - już jestem - I’m (already) here / I’m back
  • kk - okej / okay - okay
  • kc - kocham cię - I love you
  • nwm - nie wiem - I don’t know
  • nmzc - nie ma za co - you’re welcome
  • pzdr, pozdro - pozdrowienia - greetings
  • cb; tb; sb - ciebie; tobie; siebie - yourself; oneself
  • dozo - do zobaczenia - see you
  • jbc - jakby co - in case of 
  • spoko, spk, spox, spx - w porządku - okay / cool
  • nst - niestety - unfortunatelly
  • bd - będę, będziesz, będzie itp. - will be
  • nara - na razie - see you

Some words like pozdro, dozo, spoko and nara are used also in speaking Polish because they include some vowels and are easier to read.

The proper “full” form of word spoko should be spokojnie (calmly) but the meaning of the abbreviation changed a little bit. Right now spoko refers to something okay, even cool sometimes but it doesn’t have to be calm at the same time.

A: Jak było dzisiaj w szkole?
B: Całkiem spoko.
A: How was school today?
B: It was okay.

Wczorajsza wycieczka była naprawdę spoko!
Yesterday’s trip was really cool!

SEVENTEEN sees a spider
  • S.coups: jeonghan, can you bring me the bug spray? hurry! *his eyes don't move an inch from the 1 millimeter creature*
  • Jeonghan: *brings the air freshener*
  • Joshua: *posts a picture of it on svt's official twitter and captions it as 'HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT, I FOUND SPIDER MAN XD'*
  • Jun: *steps on it* smooth darling, smooth and *sees himself in the mirror* handsome
  • Wonwoo: *tugs himself in between the two closest members*
  • Hoshi: hELLO MY NAME IS a-hOSH! your name is hONG?? SPIDER HONG??? `ㅅ´
  • Woozi: *walks off to get his guitar and a frying pan. maybe even a pair of chopsticks to make it really painful for the bug*
  • DK: *yells* (17 project, just imagine it)
  • Mingyu: *sneezes on it*
  • The8: dongsaeng-ah, what do you call this in korean? *he asked as he picked up the spider and showed seungkwan as it jumped on his face*
  • Seungkwan: EECHCH WHAT ARE YOU ZOING?? NOT MY BEAUTIFUL FACEU!!! MING, HOW COULD Y- ah look at that, it's called a keomi :))
  • Vernon: ay mate. check out my mixtape??
  • Dino: OH. MY. GOD. OH MY GOD. *starts dancing outta nowhere -away from the spider*
Imagine #15 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by @fragcc: Could you make an Imagine of Peter getting sad when he realizes that you don’t like it when he frightens you with pranks? Please? XD

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Not my gif

Words: 1735

Warnings: fem!reader, typos, mild angst?, swears

A/N: You know that feeling, when you think you’re gonna write like 500 words to a prompt and it turns out to be almost 2000? I think I have a problem. Also I just reached 700 followers, which is AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH, but also mildly disturbing tbh :D Nvm, I hope you enjoy reading this! xoxo

Somehow, you managed to be terrified and not at all surprised at the same time, when you snuck out your dorm, trying to be as silent as possible, and suddenly felt a familiar hand on your shoulder.

“Fucking hell, Peter!”, you whispered aggressively and turned around to give him a glare. “What’re you up to?”, he asked with a grin, strategically ignoring your death stare.

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Eren secretly has a body pillow of Levi, so whenever he misses his boyfriend he hugs it. And he starts crying all over it. 

So he drags out a corpse from the basement and starts beating it with his hand. Then Levi walks in and joins him because he had a bad day at work and he’s pissed.

im sorry this got messed up pretty fast