nvm just experimenting

look @ that pre-school banner yo. anyways i’ve never done one of these?? but i thought christmas would be a good reason for one, as a thank you to all these lovely blogs for lighting up my dash ❄️  and also!!! here is a a general thank you to everyone for being on board with all the random procrastination projects i come up with, ily. 

  • mutuals bolded, tysm for dealing with my mess eheh. 
  • i wanted to give snowflake emojis to the ppl i’ve talk to, my lovs, my bebs, but like it was stressful i didn’t want to accidentally miss anyone out yikes 
  • no fave blogs i can’t choose like that. 
  • also @ my pottersecretsanta, thank u!!!! ilysm i can’t believe how sweet you are to self assign yourself as my pss yknow, you’re an actual Sunshine, i can’t tag you but!! 💕


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thank you for being all round a+ bloggers and i hope you all enjoy the remainder of your 2016 ✨  - btw if i’ve missed you out / mis-bolded u, pls message me!!!