This is my favourite scene, Kommisar obviously intimidates Beca throughout but this scene is especially interesting because it seems as though the Kommisar is attempting to intimidate her but as you can see, the Kommisar puts her hand out slowly, and spreads her fingers over Beca’s cheek which is a comforting mannerism, maybe this is what Birgitte meant by attraction? Needless to say this was just before she went to preform, maybe for comfort? 


here’s this thing, those are the comments in tao’s weibo post and as you can see, beside tao’s replies (red marks) there are a lot of hate messages from the haters (i’m not gonna translate it, if you don’t understand then you don’t need to understand it, don’t let your eyes be polluted by those dirty words)
of course it’s uncomfortable to see such thing, but there’s this one thing amuses me is that tao still replies to fans among the sea of hate messages as if he gives even -0,1% fuck
remember when tao used to say: “i don’t care what other people say about me, i only care about people who love and support me”, and he really does, he can’t see no haters
and it’s very understandable because haters are like ghosts and tao has human eyes, human eyes can’t see ghosts~ peace ✌️

People be like “Kaneki went from this: 

To this

Puberty ftw, lol" 

But it wasn’t puberty, really, it was extensive emotional and physical torture- 


Same thing.