Night Vale / Desert Bluffs headcanon

The reason behind the Desert Bluffs emblem (a sun with an incomplete circle inside) is because ever since Cecil began working for NVCR, Strexcorp has been monitoring him. They want to use his voice for mind-control and have been basing all of their projects on him since his started doing radio. Strexcorp has been so focused on Cecil and what they could use him for, they have even changed their base-of-operations town (Desert Bluffs)’s symbol around the Cecil Project. The ‘C’ Project.

Being Homecoming Queen is such an honor and to be able to share the experience with this King made it even more special! Thank you everyone for making this weekend so unforgettable!!☺💗 #dontwantittoend #nvhc

I love to imagine Dana hauling ass in the dog park
Like she is no hero but she isn’t just gonna let shit happen
So hooded figures are like swallowing people whole and murdering children left and right, but the second that one approaches Dana she just gives it the hand and is playing subway surfers with the other hand and they just walk away all dejected like dang she’s good