Time for a PSA!

Google’s new privacy policy gets switched on tomorrow. This basically means everyone on the internet will know everything you’ve ever searched for. Yes…even THAT. But you can stop it if you so choose, just clear your web history! The folks over at Cnet have a step by step guide on how to do just that. So if you’re concerned about your girlfriend knowing that you’ve been searching for cupcake recipes, better jump to it.

Image made by StathisNHX

New Video Game Releases – November Schedule


Welcome to The Reticule’s definitive roundup of gaming releases throughout November 2012. This month sees the release of some great game including Far Cry 3 and Hitman: Absolution just to mention a couple. To see the full list of release dates for November 2012, head over to The Reticule by following the link below…



Look, I drink. And sometimes quite often I even drink with other people. The Bowtie Cat crew is a rowdy crowd, maybe too rowdy. In this video you get to see how crazy things can get when we take shots at local bar, Prost.

We thought it was a good idea……

VOLUME WARNING! Turn your sound down a bit.

Beer Blog!

Look, I drink, and sometimes I have great ideas when I do. This is not one of them. Yours truly, and half-rack of friends, have started a beer blog. This isn’t a snazzy, upscale, big word using beer blog. It’s normal guys drinking beer and saying what we think about them. So if you’re a beer fan then please be sure to jump over to our new site and follow us with your love. Oh right, here’s the best part, the name: