i had a commission done by the amazing nvaderxim of my babies, Cass and Orion Adaar. It’s perfect! thank you! It’s based on the fic below eue

“Cassandra.” There’s a certain sadness to his voice- a sadness that cannot be fixed with soft kisses and warm embraces. He walks into the room, taking his steps carefully, trying not to knock anything over or bump his horns into the walls. 

He kneels down in front of her on their bed, and he places his large hands on her legs, forcing a smile up at her. The Seeker finally moves to look at him, tangling her fingers in his white hair, a strong contrast to his dark, silvery skin. Tears well up in her eyes, and she cannot look at him anymore, loosening her grip on him.

“We have tried for almost a year,” She strained, unable to raise her voice above a whisper.

Perhaps she was not meant for family.

"Hey,” His voice starts to crack and his heart drops in his chest. He wants to sit and cry with her, curl up and never face the world again. It was all too much. “There is nothing stopping us from adopt… ado…” Orion trails off when he feels her shake, and he reaches up, cupping her face in his hands, his calloused thumbs wiping at her eyes.

She rests her forehead against his and she lets out the first cry in what feels like ages; it is a painful sound, one that Orion never really wants to hear again. He has never seen her like this before. She does not cry easily, but this is not crying- this is howling, limbs shaking, throat raw and eyes stinging.

“I’m so sorry,” He repeats, wrapping his arms around her. “I’m sorry.” It’s all he say to keep from starting himself. But eventually he caves, and his eyes slide shut, pressing his face into her shoulder.

The tension in the room was almost palpable. The lovers’ stances were tense, and although they were not more than a breath away from each other, the distance between them was infinite.

“I fear I have heard you wrong,” Zevran began, his head at a slight tilt. “I thought I heard you say that you were offered a way out of dying during tomorrow’s battle, but chose not to take it. That can’t be correct.” A weighty pause hung between them and Vylana’s trembling only worsened. Finally, Zevran broke the silence, a pitiful and pained look taking over his once puzzled features.

“Did my words mean nothing to you?”

The Dalish winced at her lover’s words. The previously strong stance she held herself in had crumbled, weakened by the expression on his handsome face and the tone of his accented voice. There was no softness in the voice, no small lilt of suggestion that often kept her stomach flipping in both embarrassment and excitement. Vylana now wished she could take her decision and reverse it, to make Alistair complete the ritual that Morrigan had proposed.

But she couldn’t. Her duty was no longer to herself and her own selfish needs, but to the entirety of Thedas. 

“Zevran,” Vylana whispered, forcing her jade gaze to his own. “There is nothing more I want in this world than for this war to end without casualties, but you know that would never be possible.” She grasped his tunic, then, to get some grip on the reality that she was now faced with. “Ma vhenan, I’m sorry.”

The hostile air that had previously enveloped the room had dissipated, only to be replaced by one of deep sorrow. They held each other, Crow and Warden, cherishing the final moments before the wretched Blight tore them apart.

i commissioned the absolutely wonderful nvaderxim to draw what i feel is one of the most important scenes that should have been included in the game. and, of course, it was done PERFECTLY. again, thank you so much for this beautiful piece!!

tispeculiar said: Did you also almost have a heart attack when she showed up?!?!?! and also when the warden showed up. omg… imagine a reunion, a happy love reunion ughnvaderxim said: sAME


also yes i need a warden/morrigan renunion sTAT

nvaderxim a réagi à votre lien :Cintiq companion Left-handed issue.

I don’t have a cintiq companion, but a 13hd. Tried it, but didn’t encounter the same problem. Have you tried updating your driver? or posting on the wacom forums perhaps? D: Sorry it’s not much help.

It depends which software you are using ?? I notice that it will be in the center with MAngastudio 5 is you set the cursor to “brush size” but it change the calibration of pen. I still have this problem with photoshop, but you have to look very close as photoshop set de cursor to brush size you’ll see that le stroke is lightly off to the left. Or maybe that’s just my Cintiq…

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expanding on something nvaderxim said

What if Leliana was like the OGB’s aunt? Taking him through Val Royeaux, letting him rest up on her shoulders, telling him about the chevaliers when he spots them. Holding his hand and guiding him through crowded streets on warm days, picking out new clothes, always dark, as if to bring out his gold eyes- his mother’s eyes- grinning when he spins around happily. Getting protective, just like Morrigan, watching those around him with careful eyes, her bow just centimeters away from her hand, Morrigan’s staff similarly placed, bringing their wrath down upon anyone who dared to hurt Morrigan’s son