a small addition to NV that warms my heart are the tumbleweeds… they get stuck in dumb places in the game and its so stupid but i love it because thats 100% accurate

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ok so my friend used to make fun of me bc i really really loved benny a whole lot and he's still my fave character from fnv and bc she made fun of me for it i felt bad for liking him but bc u like him i'm!!!!! really happy that i like him too!!!!!!!!!! also the tops is my very fave place to go in the strip it just makes me feel so at home............ idk just thank u for talking about how much u love benny it makes me happy !!!!!

aaaaAAAWWW PLEASE;_; FIDOSJKLFKDSKLFJ god i understand.. i feel a shame about my love but honestly… u cant help what the heart feels… i feel so much abt him i cant contain it i hate him
ALSO ME TOO I LVOE THE TOPS;_; fuodslkjf the strip and the more alive places in nv make me feel rlly homey ;_; and when im in the desert too.. im home
TY THO;_; I NEED SUPPORT in this… i feel rlly embarrassed abt how public i am being i feel pathetic im glad it help u;_;

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How can a seven year game in development be rushed out? I guess this is the era we live in. *sigh*

I have no idea but it apparently happened. Then again we have no idea what they focused on in all that time. I have images in my head of people sitting around a table marketing and pushing for those settlement mechanics while looking over those sweet sweet fallout 3 and NV mods.

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FO4 is also a gr8 example of another thing that bugs me where female chars only get to be normal. Like, Curie goes from non-humanoid robot to essentially human, and piper and fair are just humans, while male chars get to be supermutants and gen 2 synths and 200 year old revolutionary cosplay zombies and other types of synths. It's one of the many reasons that I utterly adore Lily from NV bc she gets to be a female char and something inherently cool.

This is very much linked to the fact that female characters are being written by male writers; the writers create characters that they like, and inevitably the female ones always end up having to be acceptable for male player consumption. Piper, Curie, and Cait are all conventionally attractive, they all have the same body type (which is a huge no-no for me in a game that gives the player a body type/shape slider), and there’s nothing visually about them that looks “unattractive” or “bad.” Gen 2 synths and super mutants and ghouls and robots are “ugly” and don’t work as female characters that are acceptable for male consumption.

Lily was very clearly never meant for male consumption in the first place (she’s a grandma, your relationship with her as the game establishes it is grandmother-grandchild) and so that’s why it was “okay” to make her a nightkin; she doesn’t have to look pretty, because she’s not meant to be pretty. So the only time that Fallout gives us a non-human/human-like female companion is when she’s meant to be ugly and not desirable for male consumption.

The Fallout Series

Fallout- “Help, we need water!”

Fallout 2- “Help we need plants!”

Fallout 3- “Have you seen my dad?”

Fallout: New Vegas- You’re the immortal mailman, you get shot in the face by Chandler from “Friends”, go kill him

Fallout 4- That video of the “Heavy Rain” glitch where the guy yells “SHAAAAAUUUNN” for 20 minutes straight

I love Easter… I think it’s important to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Courier 6, who rose from the grave after three days to deliver the city of New Vegas from the threat of Roman cosplayers.