nv challenge


I kept seeing those Emoji challenge things, so I challenged myself because I am sad.

Different style of Hancock, the Raul, Fucking Precious ™ Kent Connolly, and very agerny Charon.  Overall happy with it. Part of my wants to shade it but I don’t want to ruin it. We’ll see. 

There’s the shaded version!


3. i love her shyness and that she is not a ‘hot chick’ type of girl. she has this attractive mistery and she’s totally charming and gorgeous. and she doesn’t even know about that, which is the sexiest part.
yeah, i love sexuality week on tgp s2. i will always do. i love how nobody in the contest was expecting that Nelle-the-awkward-little-mouse became “the sexiest thing in the room”. and then, boom… it happened! i couldn’t believe my eyes. in fact, that was not the goal, to surprise anybody. the goal was to get over herself and show the strengh of mind, her competitive spirit, especially because Nellie is kinda introverted. since then she’s become my hero.


6. her voice. it’s unique and open-hearted. Nellie is introverted, but when she sings, i can see.. i can feel her soul coming out of her chest like a ball of light (i’m a little poetic, but it’s almost 4 in the morning, so don’t blame me for… anything :D). whatever she sings she makes it only her song! and i leave here the video of “We found love” cover, cause it fantastically describes everything i wanna say, but it’s impossible, there’s no proper words) so, just listen and reach an eargazm :)


5. with TGP ‘Fearlessness’ rewatching here comes the fifth one wich is about her LCP - you know, gifs say it all, but i’ll name it anyway - If I Were A Boy. i’m always speechless, when it comes to this LCP. and i recall how i was hysterically crying over her performance and praying she wouldn’t go, cause this is one of the most memorable and touching and heartbreaking cover of all times. she definitely understands, if you know what i mean.