nuzzling or something

At first, Hinata doesn’t understand why Kageyama insist on this thing. Whenever they say goodbye, after their kiss at the crossroads that leads up the mountain, Kageyama reaches for Hinata’s sleeve. He tugs, just a tiny bit. Hinata then usually sighs and tiptoes to nuzzle his cheek and says something like “I’m glad you’re my boyfriend” or “I like you a lot.”

Today, he’s in a hurry. Kageyama barely catches him after training, because Hinata’s racing to his bike, panicking about the dentist appointment he can’t be late to. “Hinata!” Kageyama calls, but there’s no time. “I’ll call you later tonight,” is all Hinata manages to say before he climbs onto his bike. “Sorry! Bye!”

When he comes back from the dentist, his mother spares him from watching Natsu and lets Hinata go to his room until dinner. He hugs her tightly before running off, pain still throbbing in his cheek. Reaching for his phone, Hinata checks his messages - and freezes.

Do you want to break up? From Kageyama.

What the hell! No! Why, do you? He wants to call, wants to know, but Kageyama doesn’t pick up and instead there’s a new message. 

You didn’t say you liked me today. 

Hinata wants to hit him at first. Of course he hasn’t stopped liking Kageyama within a day! But then again… it’s Kageyama. They have their rituals, their rules, and Kageyama struggles with - things. Hinata catches himself smiling. He’ll say it every day, twice, four or five times, until it’s carved into Kageyama’s heart.

I like you. A lot. Still do. Kiss me tomorrow morning, okay?

The reply is immediate, and Hinata squeezes his phone tightly.

Okay. I like you the best.

Idiot, Hinata thinks, and my boyfriend. Maybe they’ll kiss a bit longer tomorrow.

The Other Professor Remembers

Summary: While Tara helps Reader and John with the case, Chuck remembers what happened. 
Characters: Detective Cole Trenton, Sergeant Ellen Harvelle, Sam Winchester, Female Reader, Tara (OFC), Professor John Winchester, Chuck Shurley, & Kelsey Rivera (OFC)
Word Count: 1,430
Warnings: Language, implied police corruption, angst, fluff, suspense.
Author’s Note: Part 14 of my Professor John series. GIF not mine [x]

It has been a couple of hours since Sam had gone to pick up his fiancee, Tara, from the airport, leaving you and John alone in the apartment. You were beyond tired; the emotional roller coaster you had been riding left you drained and almost falling asleep on the couch.

The couch dipped under the weight of John moments before the back of his knuckles traced your jaw. “Babe?” You nuzzled into the pillow, mumbling something you didn’t even understand.

John chuckled before kissing your temple. “Got a call from a Detective Turner about Chuck.”

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      dismayed noise escapes slender brunette as she awakens in the bed of her — boyfriend? best friend? lover?  — and she presses bare form against his, nuzzling into him. something in the atmosphere always changes when she wakes up, and it normally wakes him up, too, and she knows in mere moments she will have to deal with his hangover. it’s fine. he could be extremely sick and she’d still rather take care of him than not be around him at all (though she liked having her own space just as much as he did). still, her mid was racing with questions, and she felt like none of them could be asked. after all, he’d told her he had a big fat crush on her, just like she had on him. she couldn’t risk losing all that.

Suburban Dad Au Part 17/??

Well look what it is ^^ I have a new chapter of the dad au!! I hope you read my little christmas poem~ But please read that if you haven’t read it because this is directly after that ^^ Anyway thank you @keybangs​  and @bat-nerut​ I’m happy to say that there is art with this chapter!! Okay, anyway~ Have fun ^^

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So, as I’m laying on the couch taking a nap (or, at least trying to) on Thanksgiving day I feel something nuzzling up behind me and then things get weird. I start to hear a slightly disturbing slurping sound and then I feel an even more disturbing moisture start to form on the back of my head. I ask: “What are you doing, dude?” And below, in the sweetest voice ever, was her response.

Hyukjae || Sooyeon

AU where Hyukjae and Sooyeon, who are total strangers get drunk and wake up married, but instead of rushing to get divorced they decide to get to know each other and try to make it work.

The night had been crazy, first he gets dragged into a night club by one of his friend, then he gets drunk as he meets a lovely lady, with who he doesn’t remember at all what happened. Maybe she left to go home? Wait, wasn’t she with her friends? Hyukjae lets out a sigh, slowly waking up in the late morning. With his mind still groggy from the previous night, he doesn’t want to open his eyes yet, knowing the upcoming headache would worsen from the day light. He sigh again softly as he nuzzles his pillow, but something tickles the tip of his nose. His eyes blinks open as he scrunch his nose and feel someone snuggling closer against him. That’s finally when he notice there’s a girl asleep in his arms. Maybe the night hadn’t been so wild after all! Something caught his attention as he was looking at her, she had a flower crown still on her head, and to be quite honest, he thinks they both made it when they were drunk, since it looks a bit messy.

He brush a few strands of hair from her face to take a better look at her. She’s really beautiful, he thinks. But he has no idea who she is. He freezes a bit when she stir in her sleep and wakes up. “Eh…Good morning…?”