nuzzle me

                                                  s w e e t n e s s  
                                               underneath  the  
                                                        f i l t h

I love these cuties. 

After the shitstorm that was yesterday and today, I seriously needed fluffy, comfort, and cute things. So have some soriel from our @royalbluetale blog. 

I have a bunch of other doodles I have done since late last night, but a lot of them are either my OC’s from original stories that none of ya’ll really know or are spoilers from royalbluetale that I can’t post yet. If I make anything else, I’ll post it. 

Hey Morgan, let me tell you about my girl Carol.

Hey Richard, I’ll kill you if you breathe near Carol.

Hey Carol you hurt me but damn ok hug me.

Hey Carol don’t cry I love you so much I’m gonna lie to you.

Hey Carol thanks for dinner here I go.. no, wait get in my arms one more time and take care of yourself.

Hey Shiva, you’re ferocious yet gentle and you nuzzle me just like Carol.

Hey Morgan you don’t know me - oh my bad you know that Carol is the most important thing in my life.

(but this is a big Carol/Ezekiel episode ohhh ok then..)

okay I’ve watched this gif over and over and over and I’ve determined that only Seb and Chris are moving slowly…wHY DOES TIME STOP WHEN THE TWO OF THEM INTERACT


My Top OTP’s for Marinette:

•Lilanette (The clingy tol x The smol)
•Chloenette (The Princess x Ms.Oblivious)
•Alyanette (The cutest girlfriends ft. Puppy-Like!Marinette)

Seems hella gay lol, might be cuz I’m hella gay.

Okay but sleeping beauty with one detail changed: a cat slips into the castle and curls up against her for winter. One morning she wakes as it licks and nuzzle her face. “Feed me,” it purrs.