So I’ve seen these drawings where people will draw characters with certain flowers that represent things that connect with their character. So I wanted to do something like that with Nuz!Tala~

Lavender (mostly because she’s from Lavender Town) represents cleanliness or faithfulness.

Red Spider Lily represents a lost memory, abandonment, and “never to meet again.”

(also, hey, I’m still alive. o/)

egglocke update:

just caught yveltal at the team flare secret hq, lost joy the blissey against lysandre’s mega gyarados :(

  • rip joy the blissey lvl 51
  • boli and plasta are now lvl 61
  • vox the vulpix is now lvl 37
  • gabacho the gible joined the team from the reserves box and is now gabacho de gabite (lvl 31)
  • sho the west sea shellos joinet the team from the reserves box and is now sho the west sea gastrodon (lvl 33)
  • shu the shuppet has joined the team from the reserves box (lvl 1)

@tinytheursaring @auto-sukukaja

Egglocke update: Due to my obsessive over-leveling tactics I’ve managed to quite handily beat Flannery, Norman, and Winona without much fuss (except for that one Retaliate slaking almost taking out Gonzales fu norman). And I was pretty easily making my way through Team Aqua on Mt. Chimney until THIS happened:


But anyways we made it through that and made it to Fortree where THIS happened:


And now we’re off to Lilycove!

Current team:

zannyblogging asked:

Did you originally plan for Reg (I think that was his name) to pull a vegeta and join French's group?

Nope! You can actually thank @shinyrubies for that one. I was humming and hawing over it AS I was drawing that page, and asked her if I should do it, and she said I should.

I was kinda thinking that since Chipo wouldn’t be out as much, French would really need someone to bounce off, and Reg was perfect! I didn’t have any solid plan for him other than ‘go be a photographer’, so now I can still put his character to use.

veartotheright asked:

oh oh! Are there any tips you have about drawing comics? :0

Don’t ever get discouraged. Even if you feel ‘oh god I haven’t drawn it in a year there’s no point’… doesn’t matter! If you want to do it, then do! 

Also, don’t ever compare what you’re doing with anyone else’s work. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they’d love to start a comic but they didn’t feel they could because they didn’t have the skill. As long as you have the drive to do it, then that’s good enough! No matter what you do, whether it be a nuzlocke or something entirely different, no-one else will have ever done what you’re doing. Not in the same way. Use your favourite artists as inspirations, not discouragement.