this. started as a small sketch. Whoops.

ive been reminiscing about old ocs on twitter and realized i havent drawn some in over five years

SO THIS IS ARIADNE. She’s a pokemon trainer from Sootopolis and sidekick to another character of mine, Kyran. I wrote a nuzlocke w her once. I think I should maybe rewrite it and do it again? Maybe someday.

Wonder Trade Friday (2/5/16)

Hello, everyone! Today is Friday and the weekend is here! That also means that it’s WTF (Wonder Trade Friday)! What’s WTF, you ask? It’s being run by the lovely duo of Arke from @orasgiveaways and Raven from @spookycrobat. They also running a stream playing Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke while wonder trading. WTF is very similar to Wonder Trade Wednesday ran by Wonder Tag except the difference in the day of the week. A lot of people are participating, including @brightbraixen, @pokemon-weekly-giveaways, @txpokes, and me as well.

Speaking of which, I will be sending out Phione and Infernape! I am planning to wonder trade three boxes of the blue water angels. :3 I also have a shiny Infernape named Ahsoka, named after my favorite Jedi Padawan :) . She is level 90, has 6 IVs, hidden ability (Iron Fist), good EV spread, knows the moves Fire Blast, Close Combat, Grass Knot, and Earthquake, and holds the Life Orb. Also, Ahsoka is in a pokeball. For Phione, they all have 5-6 IVs, in pokeballs, and the move set of Bubble, Bounce, Scald, and Dazzling Gleam (Note: Scald and Dazzling Gleam are TMs and Bounce is a tutor move). I sending these pokes out as soon as the stream starts. If you have any questions, go over to Arke and she’ll be happy to help. My IGN is Alexis and my tag is #Swiffer. Good luck everyone and remember to not send any early route Pokemon and ask yourselves this question before sending any pokemon out, “How would I feel if I received this pokemon?” If you would feel glad to get it, send it! If not, don’t send it!

monohtoen asked:

I feel terrible asking this again but has the Omega Ruby nuzlocke been cancelled or is it just on indefinite hiatus?

Indefinite hiatus, may continue it someday on twitch but for now it’s not on my radar at all because I don’t really like ORAS.

zapiarty asked:

Since you love doing water effects... do you have any tips on how to draw them? Specific brushes you use? I suck at drawing water which is unfortunate since my nuzlocke is set in hoenn

I just use the default brush actually. The trick is to do a lot of color studies and use a soft edged eraser to soften up parts of the foam. Blur tool is also useful.

anonymous asked:

i'm not asking if you will keep doing this comic after the main story, my question is a bit different. do you think its okay to end a b/w nuzlocke after the main story? you didn't really beat the champ but you can still beat them in a b2/w2 nuzlocke

I think ending it there is perfectly fine. You do get the end credits with it after all.