nuzlocke leaf green

anonymous asked:

You should do a stream tonight or tomorrow. A gaming stream sounds fun ^^

Well I don’t think I’m doing anything tonight or tomorrow… A gaming stream might be kinda fun, I just don’t know what I’d play. Maybe I could just bust out some Pokemon. Nuzlocke Leaf Green or something.

I was a nuzlocking fanatic when I was like, 16, I nuzlocked all day every day. Don’t do it quite as much anymore but it’s still a lot of fun, makes me use Pokemon I never would have otherwise. Would that be something you guys would be into? I could leave nicknames up to the chat for more ~interaction~.

My steam library is small and doesn’t really have anything I could just chill out and play while also talking. I just have games like LISA and UNDERTALE and then games that require… Lots of focus, such as Papers Please. Which is a lot of fun and I love it to death but… high focus is required.

Yo. It’s been awhile… Couple of quick sketches, but I’m no  K. Sugimori.

I was watching the latest Super Best Friends Play Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke run when somewhere around the 26:20 mark, Woolie just lets loose with some goddamn genius stuff:

Woolie: “Imagine if its [Vileplume’s] body proportions were, like, cool guy proportions… And it had, like, like, rice hat thing…”

Matt:  "That’s really dumb.“

Me: (thinking) Holy shit. Woolie just made one of my least favorite pokemon freaking awesome! I’ve gotta sketch this!

And the end result is what you see on the right. Dammit, if Vileplume had something like this as a Mega Evolution, I’d probably be more inclined to use it for something other than occupying some cobwebbed corner of my PC boxes.

On the left is what I imagine one of my favorite pokemon (second only to Arcanine) would look like if it had a mega evolution… 

In other news, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with/for Woolie. I’m thinking a combo comic may be in order…

On the original art front. I’m working on something. It’ll be a while before anyone gets to see it… Or at least, the safe for work portions of it.

And so the book closes as Ja Rule, the former Pokemon League Champion, is over thrown by DMX and his brave team of Pokemon which only 3 survived by the end of the trial of tears known as “The Nuzlocke”:

“Kamina” The Blastoise
“Brock Lesnar” The Graveler
“Ghostface Killah” The Pigeot

Then those who fell along the way on the bloodied path of the Nuzlocke:

“Shockmaster” The Zapdos
“Ludacris” The Victreebel
“LL Cool J” The Hitmonchan
“Wyclef” The Spearow 
“Jigga” The Diglett
“Fandango” The Rattata 
“Poppa Pump” The Machoke
“The Ultimate Warrior” The Gastly
“Chingy” The Meowth 

Those left to rot in the drop box during the Nuzlocke:

“Ludacris” The Magikarp
“Lil’ Jon” The Beedrill
“Batista” The Caterpie
“Chris Benoit” The Voltorb
“Booker T” The Sandshrew
“Young Buck” The Doduo
“Bless" The Doduo
"P.Diddy” The Venonat
“WizKhalifa” The Lapras
“Wu-Tangela” The Tangela
“Ric Flair” The Vulpix
“Tupac” The Aerodactyl
“Goldust” The Hypno
“Supahotfya” The Flareon

Congratulations to Matt, Woolie, Liam-senpai, and Pat on a job well done on their nuzlocke run of Pokemon: Leaf Green.