• average nuvian: stop present time companions, i want to see assistants from the past
  • classic who: jamie mccrimmon
  • average nuvian: or assistants from the future
  • virgin books: bernice summerfield
  • average nuvian: im tired of all those pretty white girls tbh
  • titan comics: gabby gonzalez and alice obiefune
  • average nuvian: ummm what about one of other species...??
  • big finish: c'rizz??? ??
  • average nuvian: nonononon wait: imagine a robot actor dinosaur from the outher space as c o m p a n i o n
  • idw publishing: what do you mean by imagine
  • average nuvian:
  • average nuvian: are u fucking serious
  • frobisher: i can be all of that if you want guys~
Nuvians React To
  • Nuvians react to actually seeing the Time Lords
  • Nuvians react to that time the Doctor strangled a companion
  • Nuvians react to companions being normal people and not ‘the most important girl in the universe.’
  • Nuvians react to a lost episode reconstruction
  • Nuvians react to the 3rd Doctor beating people up with kung fu.
  • Nuvians react to villains made of tinfoil

When people say the 2005 series has ‘cheesy’ effects.

When people say that Eccleston is the most underrated Doctor.

When people say that Rose Tyler was the Doctor’s 'one true love’.

When people say all Classic Who is black and white.

When people say Paul McGann only had one adventure.

When people say Sarah Jane was the one feminist companion before the resurrection.

When people say Colin Baker was crap.

When people think any era or version of the show trumps any other era or version or that any one person has complete control over the show.

time lord isn’t a race, it’s a fucking social class. it’s also kind of like having a spot in political office & moffat confirmed that in listen, to all the nuvians’ cries of ‘i don’t know anything about my own fandom’

anyway when that post was torn apart by people who’ve actually watched doctor who, the rtd piss babies started reblogging examples of time lord being called a race and, hMMMMM, evERY SINGLE ONE came from an rtd episode

just because rtd is ignorant doesn’t mean his mistakes should be canon. he worked on the show for four seasons, who the hell decided we should throw out the decades of canon that came before that, just because he couldn’t be bothered to fucking fact check?

What if there was a “Nuvians React To”

Nuvians React To That One Scene Where It Looks Like 4 Snaps Someone’s Neck

Nuvians React To Actualy Time Lords

Nuvians React To The TCE

Nuvians React To That One Scene in Curse of the Fenric

Nuvians React To T̸̢̯̣h̴̢̰̹̤̹̮͙e̢̪̠͓̳ ̡̮̜͇͍͇̭È̱͕̜̼̘n̺̱̮̣̜͢t̹̪̞̱͖̩̺͚̹i̱̮̩̖̹̼̥̮̼͞ŗ̖̹̗̻̜͙̝̹͞e̷̮͔͕̤̗t̢͙̙͈̲̞y̴̼̯͠ ̶̛̳̲̯̙͈͉͕̘ͅO̱̘f͇͘ ҉̨̰̘̟̳͖͘ͅS̢̤̠̕c̶̸̘̼̳͓̙̲h̴̸͎̜e͏̷̴̝͙͉̯̞̯̦r̡̠͎̟̝z̛̖̥̻o̺̬̪

I think it would be hilarious???

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Can I please have your opinion on this post (warning: stupidity): twelves-kidneys*dot*tumblr*dot*com/post/77503585593/things-that-make-me-want-to-set-myself-on-fire?

lol this is the post that kali was raging about earlier in my ask box like

if i could be bothered i could go down that list and argue each and every point with them, but i really don’t like confrontation lol, it’s not good for my mental health, especially when it is with someone who clearly isn’t going to have their mind changed, i do not see the point.

but like just cherry picking a few, i’ve already talked about how rose putting the doctor before the universe is a flat out lie, but to have that right after a point defending river song from the same accusation when she canonically held the universe HOSTAGE? oh my god. rose’s life doesn’t REVOLVE around him. it just doesn’t. wasn’t born to kill the doctor, she wasn’t brainwashed to be obsessed with him all her life, she didn’t die to save him, she didn’t stay in jail to protect him. she has a life outside of him in jackie, pete, mickey, mo, shareen, jimmy stone, howard, jericho street junior school etc. River’s life does revolve around him, she has no life outside of him.

‘glorifies ten and rose’ how can you glorify something which isn’t bad. that doesn’t make sense, the definition of glorify is ’represent as admirable, unjustifiably’. i think the word they are looking for is ‘like’.

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"hamishmash said: 10 is the best though because he’s like the only good actor that’s done it you know? none the others been in harry potter so they can’t be that good plus he said “he didn’t want to go” which means he was fired no other doc’s been fired so it’s sad :( "

What the FUCK are you talking about??

He’s the “only good actor that’s done it”? Are you effing serious?? He’s probably the WEAKEST actor that’s been in the role. Eccleston alone is light-years above him in on-screen gravitas and dramatic tension. Matt Smith runs circles around Tennant in being genuinely quirky and zany. Tom Baker would, literally, eat the scene around him. I won’t even comment on the Harry Potter nonsense. About four actors in that cast can actually act, and he’s not one of them.

“he’s the only one to be fired”? First of all, Russel T. Davies WROTE those lines for him. David Tennant didn’t just create them the moment he got up onscreen. Second, he wasn’t fired. Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor, was actually fired. No one else.

I am praying against all hope that what I quoted is simply just a sarcastic comment taken out of context. Otherwise, get the fuck out of here. You have no idea what you’re talking about…

i love how all the nuvians are having meltdowns over the news of the new doctor being “darker” and “lying in almost every episode” and they’re all “we just got finished with an asshole doctor, why do we need another one”

let me tell you a story; it’s called The Tenth Doctor’s Characterization Was Really Out of Character

rtd was quoted as saying something along the lines of ‘it’s a big deal the doctor lied about gallifrey, b/c lying isn’t something he ever does’ and that’s all you have to know if you wanna cite rtd’s inability to write the doctor correctly

the doctor is not some paragon of morality. he has sharp edges and, as the great intelligence said in the name of the doctor, “the doctor lives his days in darker shades”

i wouldn’t call him bad or evil, but he’s certainly always fallen more in the grey area of the spectrum. rtd never wanted the doctor to take the companions, or the viewers, out of their comfort zones and that was a bad decision

i hate the whole oh don’t skip nine!!! thing

like bruh…nobody skips nine. maybe in tennant’s second or third season, but not now.

it’s an irrelevant meme and it’s kind of insulting tbh. “don’t skip nine!” but the only people that say this, generally, are nuvians who skipped nearly an entire TV show

like it’s cool if u don’t want to watch classic i guess, but don’t rant on about how ~wrong!~ it is to miss a nu doctor (that no one skips because no one fucking does that), but how many of y'all have seen The Gunslingers? How about Tomb of the Cybermen? Invasion of the Dinosaurs? But let’s talk about the doctors people actually skip

six, seven, and eight.

people talk about skipping nine as some unforgiveable sin because “he’s such a great character!!!” but no one in that crowd talks about Six in Trial of a Time Lord and his unspeakable grief at losing Peri. None of them talk about Seven and the fact he’s a manipulative garden gnome. Despite the wide availability of Eight’s audios, these people never talk about his character development in the Divergent arc, let alone the unfettered 90s brilliance that is the TV film.

nobody. skips. nine. get over it.