Power Laces in 2015! That’s right, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed that we will have one of the best formerly fictional sneaker innovations by next year. This is a huge power move by Nike that has been decades in the making. When the Nike MAGS premiered in “Back to the Future II” Nike was sure to get the patent on the power laces function, which will ensure that they will have the exclusive rights for some years to come. Given that we are in the 2000s it’s about time we had some cool futuristic tech that makes easy tasks even easier. Unfortunately there is still no word on the hoverboard or robot waiters. 



I don’t know about you, but this snow has been getting me down. That is until I saw the Puma Disc “Tropicalia” Pack which put me back in my California stated-of-mind. The floral pattern really compliments the laid-back feel the Puma Disc already evokes. If you look you’ll also notice Puma 86'ed the plastic straps, giving the Disc a more natural feel. White or Black, these are something that I would be on the look out for February 3.  


With Drake signing a sneaker deal with Team Jordan we decided to outline 5 Features we expect from the new Drake Air Jordans 

1. An auto-pilot feature that will walk you to your Ex’s house. 

2. A rose gold Nike Fuel Band that keeps track of the amount of friends you have  

3. Unbreakable laces. (So you never have to change) 

4. Encased in a Kleenex Box 

5. Thigh-high Socks

I recently watched the Japanese anime film “Akira” for the first time. Although I did not always completely understand the storyline at times, I must say this movie is visually stunning. From the first second of “Akira” I knew the film would be drenched in action/adventure goodness. There was even a nice surprise when I discovered while watching that this film was the inspiration for Kanye West’s (feat. Daft Punk), “Stronger” video. If your into post-apocalyptic future stories as much as I am or if you’re a fan of anime, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

Did Nike benefit from its departure with Kanye West? It is no secret that Kanye West is one of the most influential people in the music industry. Also his ability to sell out a sneaker is unquestioned, but there are other factors to consider in forging a partnership. Relationships a key word we don’t consider often because its hard for us to quantify it in dollars and cents, but it is important. No company wants their endorser to take to the radio with there complaints. There is such a thing as bad publicity. Compare the amount of negative feedback thats been on the air waves with the amount of sneakers sold and it doesn’t seem to balance out. Nike and Kanye West are great brands, but as it stands they are stronger apart. A good and positive move for the both of them. 

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What does it take to reinvent an icon? Sure there are art departments, advertising, and highly skilled engineers, but it requires something a little bit more than the obvious. It requires audacity. The bold and unapologetic decisiveness that says I know where I was and I know where I’m going. 2015 Mustang is an example of such gumption. Ford didn’t allow the fear of upsetting its core fan base from reaching and realizing the Mustang’s true potential. 4 cylinders are of innovation guided by the wisdom as precise as independent rear suspension; all for what is shaping up to be a true modern marvel.


Dockers sits down with up-and-coming Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper to discuss his influences and personal style. 



One of the many reasons I like Petrolicious, is that they remind us what car culture is truly about. Often times car culture is forced to carry this stigma complete with body kits, stickers, and obnoxious wings. Even more commonly, it carries the notion that to be a car person you have to concern yourself something fast, classic, or somehow performance minded. However, having a deep connection with your car and with the road is all it takes to be a petrolhead. Meet Christopher Hoffman, the owner of the “bullet-proof” lightweight economy car known as the Honda CRX. Despite, its 91 horsepower, Hoffman knows that he wants to let this CRX bring him joy forever. Check out Petrolicous here. 

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Some years back Diamond Supply released the Diamond x Nike SB Dunk Low with a Tiffany’s inspired color. Since that time, these have become one of the most popular designs ever attached to the Nike SB name. Diamond Supply is back once again with this colorway, except in the Nike Dunk high top version. I think it would be dope if they were came in a Tiffany & Co. inspired shoebox. Is that asking to much? Oh well. If you liken yourself a modern George Peppard and want to impress your Audrey Hepburn then check for these to release sometime in February. 


Yesterday, I was able to catch Toonami’s premiere of “Space Dandy” and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not entirely surprising given that it comes from the makers of Cowboy Bebop, but “Space Dandy” has a feel completely different than Bebop’s bluesy aesthetic. To story follows the adventures of an alien hunter by the name of Space Dandy. His job entails that he finds and registers new previously unregistered aliens. His character very much reminds me of Zap Brannigan of “Futurama” which is by no means a complaint. Full of his self-important bravado, Dandy fumbles his way through the universe with his robot and alien sidekick having wildly unpredictable misadventures. The creators really used the futuristic setting to the fullest extent. The science behind the scenarios and explanations are so zany that its impossible to know what will happen next. In an era where originality was presumed dead “Space Dandy” shines. Check it out on Toonami Saturdays at 11:30 eastern time. 

If you’re like me when you hear “sharkbait” you will likely think of some fairly obscure “Finding Nemo” reference. However, it seems Sneaker Freaker and Puma are out to change that associate with this brilliant new collaborative effort. The colors are simple and vivid, a conversation piece for your feet. Plus, I always appreciate when designers go that extra mile with the added items that further accentuate an already great product. If I manage to get my hand on a pair I’ll be sure to do an update. Look for these December 12 via  and….

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Puma x Alexander McQueen. When you see these two names together you can count on it being one of the best designed sneakers you will see that year. This Puma x Mcqueen Street Climb III Mid, in particular, is an homage to all designs simple and sophisticated. Almost entirely cream, with the exception of the blue accents, these are the comfortable pair of sneakers you want to change into after a black tie affair. They may be difficult to get your hands on, but will certainly be worth it if you do.  

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