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This was a good episode. Sticks worked well as the main focus. It was good that they decided to have a message this time around. The message being that you shouldn’t listen to everything the media tells you and think for yourself. Sticks selling out worked well for her since she’s usually against the system and selling out was her only means to be heard. You can easily identify with Sticks and her concerns with the society. All in all, this was good episode for sticks.

Sonic Boom Nutwork

I finally got around to watching the Sonic Boom episode Nutwork. There were some really funny parts, but one thing really bothers me: Just like basically all other modern-day ‘kids shows’ out there, the writers of Sonic Boom finally put crude humor into an episode. 

Really? Was that really necessary? No, of course not! Now some people may think that kind of thing is funny, but personally, I hate crude humor with a passion. It takes the class out of anything and everything. One thing I appreciated about Sonic Boom up to now is that while the episodes varied in quality, I never had to worry about crude humor.  I could just watch the episode and enjoy it without jwaiting for a gross joke to show up. And now that they’ve done it once, the writers will feel justified in doing it again. Now whenever I watch an episode, I’ll be sitting there aprehensive that some bit of crude humor is going to show up.

Sorry for the rant, I just had to say that. I loved the rest of the episode, it was just that one dumb part that bugged me. 


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so i think i coudn’t find anywere Sonic Boom S2 epside 3, “Nutwork” it is said that was aired in Boomerang but i coudn’t find anybody who recorded the episode yet.. :(

.i live in Chile, i don’t have CN or Boomerang and there is no way season 2 is already spanish dubbed and aired on latin channels……. so the only way i had found by now to watch the show is through Youtube..

ahh but looking around… i found Sonic Boom S1 in official latin Spanish dub! :D

i mean.. for a long time i didn’t even searched for it.. since at the time first season was still only English dubbed.. and there it was only fandubs around..

now i find many episodes like this! and i’m pleasantly surprised to hear all the team’s voices now in spanish languaje (last time i just knew about Sonic and Eggman’s VAi specially liked Amy’s voice XD she sounds way softer and nicer here hehehe XD ahh well

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The newest Sonic Boom episode made a reference to the old mega drive/genesis ads by using the 'blast processing technology' line and I may have gotten a little too happy about that, man do I love this cartoon though! I'm so glad it got a season 2 and I hope it gets many more seasons in the future.

I saw that. Made me smile :D

If the series simmers down on it’s occasional mean-spiritedness and doesn’t continue with the thoroughly unfunny and inappropriate toilet humor that featured in “Nutwork”, Boom should continue being entertaining.

Just watched the two eps of Sonic Boom’s new season … and I’m not exactly liking what I’m seeing so far. It’s probably too early to make this judgment, but IMO, the show’s getting more incoherent. 

Nutwork’s plot didn’t even become clear in the first five minutes with the way it whiplashed between plot threads. And I don’t even know how this is possible, but Eggman’s villain status almost feels negligible at this point.

(spoilers) So in the first episode, there is a meteor hurtling towards the planet and Eggman decides to bank upon people’s fears by selecting a few to huddle inside his safe bunker. 

What did Sonic do? Stand in front of a mirror, because he’s “still gotta look good” even in the event of an apocalypse, which gives Tails the idea to use mirrors to magnify a laser that will break up the meteor. 

And when Tails sends Knuckles up in a rocket to fire the laser because he’s the only one strong enough to handle the equipment, Sonic gripes that he should be the one to save the day. I mean Tails has to literally tell Sonic that it’d be more heroic to let someone else save the planet.

Of course, Sonic does do something (albeit it’s rather tacked on at the end)—when the meteor breaks into thirty-one pieces, he grabs Amy’s hammer and deflects all but one, which coincidentally lodges the door to Eggman’s bunker and locks him inside. So Boom just ignored its own internal logic that even a smaller meteor hitting the planet would be no bueno, and at this point I’m just like


In case anyone was wondering, Nutwork is my favorite episode out of the current three season 2 episodes. It simply made me laugh the most and was the most tolerable (that doesn’t mean I still didn’t like it; it’s just not one of the greats) out of what we have from Season 2 currently. Tommy Thunder would probably be second place because, while it has its frustrating moments, I found Spacemageddonocalypse to be a surprisingly boring and slow episode despite getting a few chuckles here and there.


Sonic Boom - Episode 55 - Nutwork (FULL EPISODE) (720p HD)

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Hey :) Just curious, I saw that you liked Nutwork the most out of the three season 2 sonic boom episodes so far. There was a ton in that episode I really liked. However, I was just curious what your opinion was on the instance of crude humor that appeared in it. (My opinion stated in my most recent post from Dec 1) Thanks friend!

Yeaaaaaah, that was only real part of the episode I couldn’t stand. I’m not a fan of crude/gross humor, but besides that joke, I enjoyed Nutwork more than the other two episodes. Plus, I do clipcuts a lot to contain the best parts of the episodes, and Nutwork would probably have the most clips out of the first three season 2 episodes.

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WOuld you say season 2 of Sonic Boom have been stepping their game up? Seriously, I found the episode Nutwork really good since despite it silliness, it did tackle some real issues about how the news tend to cover only certain things instead of all the important things.

I’d say it’s been fairly decent. Thing I noticed the most was the increase in budget, but I haven’t really seen a huge swing in quality one way or the other in terms of writing