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loveourtimeisnow  asked:

Hey Sasha, just some thoughts I wanted to share. I noticed that Gigi Hadid has a lot of hacking/leaks rumors going on about her personal pictures etc. It started this week and more specifically yesterday, so is it possible that maybe Zayn's phone leak stunt will be through her? She's a blonde model and it's exactly 1dhq's favorite profile which further proves that they're still very much involved imo.

That’s a definite possibility. The dark horse and his Nokia?

Could be. That would make sense.

That would explain the rush to link Zayn and Gigi in the press with the Harry mini-stunt acting as hype for a bigger one. And if your theory is correct, then wouldn’t the whole fandom need to finally admit that Zayn and 1D are working together? And if RBB warned of a Zayn stunt wouldn’t that mean that everyone’s on good terms? So then the official narrative is a lie?

We’ll see. This stunt is already showing signs of being mission abort. But maybe they’ll follow through on it.

And this may be kind of a reach, but the phone had a sticker that had “nut tree” on it. Could this possibly be what was meant?

As in nutty family tree? LOL

upperstories  asked:

Since Sans is the champion and he's technically a hot dog vendor, what if The Elite Four are the other four shop keepers you find in-game?: Ms. Bunny from Snowdin, The Old Turtle and Temmie from Waterfall, and Burgerpants from the Core.

ohhhhHHHH MY GOSH!!!

Ms Bunny: Normal Type
Old Turtle: Grass Type (we already have a water gym lol)
Burgerpants: Steel Type 
Temmie: uhhhh. Psychic or Dark I’m not sure

OR. We could replace one of those with Nice Cream Man, and he could be Ice type.

anonymous asked:

Hi! It's your friendly neighbor anon here just dropping by to say I absolutely love your art style. Especially with the way you draw MCBC. Keep up the good work! I hope you have a wonderful day today, tomorrow, and always.

thank you anon sweetie uvu