I'm not reblogging the root post for this because it's more than one GIF but

This is an incredibly unpopular opinion and it’s fucking driving me nuttts.  The root post I’m talking about is the Broad City GIF set of Ilana and her mom yelling at that dude for getting pissy about them hugging on the street, yep that’s fucked up, if you’re just hugging and someone can’t go around, that guy’s a douche. But if you’re going to go out and purposefully spend your day trying to see if anyone moves out of the way for you coming down the street (spoiler, everyone tried it already, they won’t) then you’re just kind of giving into the argument of “if these people don’t care to be nice, why the hell should I be nice”. That’s a big old NOPE. The reason the world works…slightly well…is because there are people in the world who choose to do the better thing. You’re not teaching an asshole a lesson, you’re just getting hit by a stranger, HARD PASS.