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cute animal facts to cheer you up:
  • cats “headbutt” people because they make them feel safe, or they trust them.
  • when puppies play fight, boy puppies will often let girl puppies win.
  • the grizzly bear’s name comes from the word “grizzled” which means ‘streaked with gray hair’.
  • wombat poo is cube-shaped to stop it from rolling away…
  • dogs will sneeze to tell other dogs that they’re playing, so when they’re playing rough it doesn’t turn into a fight.
  • gray squirrels bury nuts all over the place, and often forget them, growing new trees. this makes them more ecologically friendly than red squirrels, who store nuts in piles on the ground which don’t take root.
  • infant pygmy marmosets babble to develop their language skills, similarly to the way human babies babble.
  • two-toed sloths cannot shiver to stay warm like other mammals due to their low metabolic rates and little muscle tissue.
  • yawning is infectious because it supplies a method for the most sleepy to forcefully communicate their need for rest and thus ensures that the group rests/sleeps together.
  • baby dolphins have spines on the sides of their tongue. the spines zip up to make a straw so that they can drink the mother’s milk without getting salt water in it.
  • when a rabbit is happy it will sometimes jump in the air twist it’s body. this is called a binky.
  • the red panda uses its long bushy tail not only for balance, but also as a blanket during chilly winter nights.
  • baby japanese macaques make snowballs. they do not use them for any survival purposes, they just like to have fun.
  • manatee calves nurse underwater from teats under their mothers flippers.
  • baby elephants will suck their own trunks for comfort. 

Series: RWBY
@ask-the-team-rwby ‘s Tiny Pen-Pen!AU
Ships: Pollination, Nuts and Dolts.

Yang yawned and carefully removed herself from the cuddle pile on the large bed. Usually, she’d stay, wait for her lovely girlfriends to wake up, but right now she had to pee and that was important. She stretched and yawned, her muscles stiff from being laid on…but she doesn’t regret it. Surprisingly quietly the large girl inched to the door and opened it, slipping out stealthily…or it would have been stealthy if she hadn’t kicked a firm box by their door.

“Ah shit!” she yelped, stumbling back into the wall.

Inside she heard Blake call out tiredly. “Yang?”

The cat faunus also pulled herself from the bed, leaving Ruby and Weiss to cuddle alone on the large bed. Blake paused for a moment to watch the smaller girls almost instantly cling to each other, then she went to investigate the largest of the group…and again kicked the box.

Blake flinched and stepped back, much more composed than her partner. “What is that?”

“I don’t know,” Yang snapped. “Why is it right in front of our door?”

Blake shrugged and knelt down examining the box. There was only two labels, one that has the seal of the Atlasian military, and the other is just a large to box filled with their official team designation, Team 146, their proper team name scrawled quickly beneath that.

Yang bent over, a hand on Blake’s shoulder to help her balance. “Well, that’s both very official…and not…”

Blake nodded in agreement. “Most Atlasians are,” she said with a teasing grin, tilting her head back towards the white haired girl. As Yang chuckled, Blake lifted the box into her arms and carried it inside, Yang quickly following behind.

“You think it’s for Wiess?” the tall blonde asked as Blake put the box on their desk.

Blake shook her head, her ears twitching a little as she looked the box over. “If it were, wouldn’t it have the Schnee symbol emblazoned everywhere? And have her name on it? I think…this is for all of us…as a team.”

Yang glanced at the box nervously, it’s no secret she didn’t like Atlas…or anything from it, not after…what happened with Penny…

Blake noticed Yang cross her arms, and sighed. She stepped closer and gently touched Yang’s metallic arm. “I doubt it’s something bad, but Ruby and Weiss should be awake when we open it.”

Yang nodded and looked at the sleeping girls. “…bumblebee wake up call?” she purposes with a grin.

Blake nodded and the two went around to different sides of the bed. For a moment, they both had to stop, seeing their girlfriends curled up, embracing each other was too cute, but it wasn’t going to stop what came next. Yang and Blake nodded at each other, then jumped, body slamming the sides of the bed and popping Ruby and Weiss into the air. “WAKE UP!” the two shouted.

Ruby and Weiss yelped as they were forcefully awoken, the white haired girl almost instantly snapping up and hitting both Yang and Blake with a pillow. “How many times have I told you don’t do that!” she shrieked.

As Weiss berated Yang, Blake managed to slip off the bed with Ruby. “There’s a box here for the team. I thought the team leader should open it.”

Ruby nodded and started to open the package as Blake pulled Weiss away from Yang. Then something broke the carefree atmosphere, the sound of a choked sob. Almost instantly the three older girls were by Ruby’s side, peering into the box. Inside was a small doll-sized replica of Penny, along with a few other mechanical devices and a note. Before anyone can say anything the replica started moving. Her eyes opened and she smiled up at the much larger girls. Then, in a cheery voice, alongside her usual salute, she said. “Salutations~!”

“P-Penny?” Ruby’s voice shook as she carefully reached in and grabbed the little robot.

“Hello Ruby,” Penny said with a smile. “It’s good to see you again.”

“You’re okay!” Ruby said quickly, hugging Penny and sinking into the desk seat, her girlfriends grabbing the box and backing away, giving Ruby some time alone with her friend.

As Ruby and Penny talked in soft voices, Ruby letting Penny sit on the desk, Weiss, Blake, and Yang started to go through the box. Under where Penny was cradled was a note, again formally written to Team RWBY. Blake took the note and started to read,

“To the members of Beacon Academy team 14, designation RWBY. Due to unforeseen circumstances, and in accordance with the unit’s wishes, you are, from this day forward, assigned protective detail, guardian duties, and overall supervision of the prototype battle-bot designation P3N-E, code named ‘Penny’. It is the Atlasian military’s hope that through this interaction, ‘Penny’ will be taught to act properly in society-”

“She’s barely a foot tall!” Weiss interrupted. Blake waved her off and continue,

“Everything required for upkeep, maintenance, and emergency repair is included in this box. Please keep in mind that this is a highly delicate piece of military equipment and is to be treated as such-”

“She’s not a piece of equipment!” Ruby suddenly snapped.

Penny flinched from the loud sound and reached out, putting a hand on her big friend’s. “Ruby…it’s okay.”

Ruby relaxed and smiled sadly down at Penny. “You’re all better.”

Penny smiled and nodded. “Yep. And now I get to stay with you all, and learn how to act in social situations.”

“You’re barely a foot tall,” Weiss repeated.

Yang shrugged and chuckled. “That doesn’t mean we can’t be her friend. And look at her, she’s so cute.”

Weiss glared at the largest girl in the room, then her gaze flicked down to small robot sitting on the desk. She didn’t want to admit…but Penny was cute…and seeing Ruby so happy…it was a double attack. Weiss sighed and started to clean out a drawer. “We can put her things in here…”

Ruby smiled and nodded as Yang finally finished unpacking the box. There were schematics and blueprints that probably only Ruby would understand, some small spare parts Yang gently put aside in fear of breaking them, a small metal disk labeled ‘Reboot’, and lastly a strange metal stand, a green dim circle on one side, and Penny’s symbol on the other side.

“Penny?” Yang called, the small robot looking up from the little home Ruby and Weiss were making in the drawer. “What’s this thing that came in your supply box?”

Penny put her hands behind her back as she answered. “That, Yang, is my wireless charger. Due to my new form, I need a regular intake of energy, done so by going into sleep mode two or three times a day.”

Yang paused, stunned for a moment, then her gaze flicked over to Blake. ‘Oh my fuck! She has to take tiny robo naps!’ she mouthed with a large smile. Blake chuckled as she took the blueprints, placing them with their weapon schematics.

Penny smiled, then yawned. “Actually…I could use that right now…the trip from Atlas was a long one…”

Yang handed the small stand to Penny and the whole team watched as she walked across the desk and jumped into her new tiny drawer home. She sat on the stand and bowed her head, the lights one her body becoming dull as she slips into sleep mode.

Ruby bit her lip and stood, grabbing her girlfriends and pushing them out of the room. “Let’s go get some breakfast!” she said quickly even though her team was still in shorts and tees and boxers and one nightgown. “Let Pen-pen sleep,” she said when Weiss complained.

Weiss sighed and allowed herself to be dragged to the cafeteria, team RWBY allowing their new roommate to get some sleep as they ate.

So you think your vote won’t count? You think “I don’t agree with Donald Trump. But I’m voting for him as joke.”/ “I’m voting as joke for Deez Nuts.”

Yes, maybe your 1 one vote one count. But theres A LOT of you that think this way. 1 becomes 10, that becomes 20, 50, 100, 1000.

1000 votes towards Donald Trump or Deez Nuts. Now try to look in my fuckin face and tell me those 1000, 1 which is yours, 1 that added to this disgusting pile, won’t make a fuckin difference.

Now you’re telling me 1000? Aren’t you exaggerating?

NO. No I’m not! and it’s not just 1000, its more than that, I’m almost 100% fuckin positive about that. Maybe even 10,000 at THE LEAST.

Now you’re asking me, “Well If I don’t vote as joke, my one vote towards Bernie won’t count.”

And I’m here to tell you it does! Because a lot of us are taking this fuckin serious, and your one vote can help a lot. More if you voice yourself and tell others to vote seriously! To make an informed choice, tell them why you think Bernie should be president!


I have too many asks piled up right now, so I’ll answer some of them in a post instead :)

How did Saiko exactly weaken Nutcracker?

Actually I don’t remember Saiko doing anything to weaken Nutcracker, isn’t that kagune that pierced through Nutcracker actually her kagune hidden in the walls that reacts to anything? Or was Saiko’s? imperialscans(.)com/read/tokyo-ghoul-re/28-situation-in-disorder/4

The details of what exactly happened in the Nutcracker fight are here. While Shirazu weakened Nuts by strategically placing her to get stabbed by her own detachable kagune, Saiko brought her kagune out and attacked Nuts herself, even managing to cut off Nuts’ left arm.

Do you think the clowns have a genuine motive or do you think they genuinely just want to have fun or “the last laugh”? :)

It’s really hard to say. Right now, the Clowns seem to exist for their entertainment by messing around with people, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ghouls there had their own individual agenda.

I’m wondering, does CCG knows Kaneki as centipede/eyepatch is the same person? Like the disappearance of Amon is also partly Centipede’s fault too. Akira doesn’t realize? Since she still treat Haise normally even if Kaneki was one of Mado’s killer affiliates.

I think they do. In the Kanou raid, Kaneki (as Centipede) meets Amon, and Amon recognizes Kaneki as Eyepatch. Amon would have mentioned that in his reports, I think. As for Akira not realizing it, perhaps she doesn’t know that Kaneki was involved in the death of her father and the disappearance of Amon. (I’m running on thin strings though, I’m not really sure about this)

What if Tsukiyama becomes a binge eater and the Quinx has to deal with him? Imagine the memories the ‘Gourmet’ would strike o-o. Cause he was a huge part of Kaneki’s ghoul life. I’m really starting to like :Re now :D

Right now, Tsukiyama is pretty much a binge eater, eating anyone in sight T^T I wouldn’t be surprised if the Quinx had to deal with him too because Ishida and their promotions. I’m not sure how much Haise would remember though, since he couldn’t really remember anything about Touka when he first met her in :re. But since Haise has accepted Kaneki, more of his memories are beginning to flow in, so there’s a chance he could remember more about Tsukiyama.

I thinking if Shuu is becoming a Kakuja or half-Kakuja he might end up looking like Arata’s Kakuja form covered in armor. I have no other reason other then that they’re both a Koukaku so who knows??

He might. Koukaku in general are heavy on defense so it’s certainly possible.

I think the most important thing about this chapter is Uriexpromo finally became canon!


Kaneki is not dead is he?!?!?!?!?:$$$$

What, no he isn’t :O Who said he was dead??


It’s okay, no one understands what’s going on with Kaneki and Haise…can’t tell if Kaneki is a hallucination, a personality, or both…

What if Tsukiyama ate the staff?

He might have eaten a staff member, but I doubt all those skulls in his bedroom all belong to the staff XD

Shimoguchi has enough lip for both himself and urie

Pretty much LOL

Since Haise technically can still only eat human meat (and I doubt the CCG would actually give him flesh to eat, but rather RC supplements like I’ve heard people discussing about) how (or what) is he puking in the recent spoilers??

Haise isn’t throwing up. He’s having major headaches from his flashbacks…headaches that are like “sharp pain gouging out the back of my eyes”.

I remember seeing something about the ratio of white to black in Haise’s hair representing his ghoul vs. human sides. Despite being able to communicate with Kaneki inside of him, why is his hair now more black than it was before?

Personally I saw black/white hair as humanity vs. loss of humanity rather than human vs. ghoul sides, which would explain Kaneki, Juuzou, and Seidou quite well. Sasaki has accepted Kaneki, but mostly because he sees Kaneki as a human with loving friends instead of a crazy ghoul. Sasaki has accepted that Kaneki is part human, the two have managed to make a deal, which might be why his hair has more black than in recent chapters.