Lunch was one of the best green monsters I’ve ever made. It tasted like a peanut butter cinnamon banana milkshake. Expect this milkshake has healthy fats, protein, iron, and is low cal. The smoothie includes: 1/2c almond milk. 1/2c already brewed and chilled vanilla caramel truffle tea, 1 frozen banana, 1T peanut butter, 1t hemp seeds, 1/2t vanilla, 1t cinnamon, 2 handfuls of spinach, and 6 frozen ice cubes.

New Beginnings

I want this blog to be more than just about food. Now that I’m not controlled by an obsession, I want this blog to be more of a lifestyle blog. I want to start posting outfits, new purchases, occasional healthy recipes, workouts, talk about balance, post videos (soon!), share tips about accepting and loving yourself, and whatever you guys want me to post! But I could do WIAW posts (What I Ate Wednesday). Send me a message about suggestions, or if you want me to keep posting my meals and add this additionally.

I Want To Change The Direction Of This Blog

I know that when I was most disordered, I was obsessed about food blogs, new healthy recipes, counting calories, and posting absolutely everything I ate to keep me accountable. However, now that I’m recovered I want to focus on what I do to stay stress free and happy! I wanna update you on my personal life more and post more on beauty/lifestyle (like clothes hauls, make-up tutorials, hair tutorials, what I do to stay organized, what’s in my bag, etc). I can still post healthy recipes and workouts but I definitely wanna change up the content on here more.

Creating a YouTube Channel

This summer I’ll be starting my own YouTube channel and I’m curious on what you guys would like to see on there. Would you like advice on dating in a video? Or videos of recipes? Food, clothing, or beauty product hauls? Let me know because I want to make videos that you will all watch!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

B- perfect pb banana oats + iced coffee

S- 1c frozen green grapes 

L- strawberry spinach salad + 2T lite raspberry vinaigrette 

S- chocolate dipped coconut luna bar

D- tofu pineapple ginger stir-fry

S- 100 cal kettle popcorn + 1/4c reeses pieces