Rest days can be one of the hardest things for me because I always have to figure out what to do with myself! It can be hard to take a day completely off but honestly, your body needs it. These are the things I do to use my rest day to be productive, help my body recover and move into my next week with clear motivation!

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Every time I go to the mall, I always stop at the giant salad bar and wonder why salads there are better than what I make at home. Finally it hit me- I don’t have to chop anything and there are so many choices! I decided that starting this week, I would make my own salad bar at home and it was a huge, delicious, healthy success! Above is a list of every healthy salad topping I could think of, a few of my recent salads, and the salad bar I made for myself. 

Here’s my suggestion for building your own salad bar:

  • 1-2 salad bases
  • 3-4 proteins
  • 4-7 veggies & fruits
  • 2-3 other toppins
  • 2-3 salad dressings

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Snack ideas for every craving that are perfect when you’re on the run, studying, or traveling. These are all either no-cook or able to be made in a microwave. I highly suggest putting snacks in individual serving bags or Tupperware. It makes it so much easier to just grab your healthy snack and go and also helps take all the thinking out of portion sizes! Try picking a few snacks in each category and stocking up/ prepping one day  so that all during your busy, hectic week, you have the convenience of ready to go snacks.

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This guide has everything- vegetarian and vegan options, pro-meat options, gluten free options, and plenty for clean eaters & paleo lovers! I put all my favorites into this guide; I purposely made it large so you can select out of it the foods and ingredients you really enjoy! On the printable grocery list I left space for recipes because I always like to jot down what I’m making just in case I want to grab something extra for that!

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One of my favorite parts of coming home is creating a new meal plan and getting a fresh start in the kitchen. However, coming home also means that my family has usually filled the fridge so I have to make some space! I hope this guide is especially helpful for anyone who doesn’t have a fridge of their own because I know how tough it can be to live a healthy lifestyle when that differs from the rest of your household.

Here’s the three things that have helped me maintain my meal plan:

  1. I have my own space- my sister and I share a love of salt and vinegar chips; my mom and I share a love of good cheese. Of course I eat these from time to time (moderation, not deprivation!) but it’s easier to stick to the foods I know are good for me when I don’t have to rifle through all the other options in the fridge!
  2. I honestly enjoy my meal plan. I look forward to every item on it every day. What I eat always feels satisfying, is delicious and makes me feel good. I don’t find myself longing for other foods because a- if I really want it I’ll have a serving, b- I can usually find a healthier way to make that item and c- there’s TONS of food I love that just happens to be good for me!
  3. I eat frequently; every 2-3 hours. Every time I start getting hungry my meal plan is set up to give me another meal or snack. It’s easier to stick to my plan because it always has an option for me!

If you’re not a meal plan person that’s totally fine too! If you eat intuitively, based on what your body demands you can still use these ideas to help stick to the foods that are best for your body.

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After graduation, David and I went home to his house and took on the challenge of cooking dinner for his very large family each night. Cooking for 9 people this week has made me really think about how I spend my budget! In planning the menu for this week these were some of the ideas I took into consideration-  the dishes we made included: a DIY quinoa bar, banana pancake breakfast-for-dinner, chickpea & kidney bean vegetarian chili, banana ice cream and more! All those recipes will be up over the next week. :)

(Prices vary, this is what I usually pay shopping at Target, Wallmart, local farms when possible or local grocery stores).

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Back to the Klean-Slate Basics

I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of me and most of it includes foodie events and dinners. I’m dedicating the calm before the storm with whole fruits, veggies, minimal nuts, minimal oils (flax, olive and coconut), minimal sugars, no caffeine, nothing processed and as much TLC as one can try to give them self and that always includes a generous amount of workouts. I would like to get Back to the Klean-Slate Basics.
But don’t fret. I have plenty of delicious posts; past and present, to keep your eyes tantalized.
Good Morning Monday!


I made this guide because I’ve seen so many similar guides going around promoting seriously unhealthy intakes like 500-700 calories per day. A detox should be about cleansing yourself from unhealthy habits and clearing your system of “junk” and should focus on retraining yourself to focus on beneficial foods. This guide is filled with delicious, healthy, fresh foods that are still easy to prepare and that will set you up for a fantastic start or restart to your healthy lifestyle!

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I made my first venture to whole foods in over 4 years on Sunday and (after about 90 minutes of running around in happy amazement) came home and gave my fridge a little makeover! I pulled out all my favorite tricks and ideas to make my dream fridge (I’m a food nerd, I’m okay with that haha!).

One thing that was important to me was storing the veggies properly (considering especially what they cost, no waste here!). I put the asparagus & parsley in water in a jar, summer squash in a sealed and air-removed bag, half-used veggies like bell pepper & onion in sealed bags, and (my favorite trick) my greens loosely air-tight in a cereal container! I use lemons and limes very quickly so even though they last longer in a sealed bag, they keep just fine for my purposes exposed.

The washi tape was really helpful too! I took a half hour last night to make a big batch of quinoa and whole grain tabbouleh to use through the week in salads & stir fry then labeled the tupperware with washi tape- cheaper than buying labels and prettier than masking tape! (I also whipped up a batch of creamy lemon hummus & oven roasted tomatoes, I’ll post the recipes later  this week).

I also love my little beverage station! I have a big pitcher of freshly brewed loose leaf tea and one with my favorite coffee so that whenever I want a cold drink it’s ready to go (also without an ice machine keeping them already cold helps my ice usage!).

Oh yeah, and avocado is my version of butter so when I don’t want it to get any more ripe it goes on the butter shelf! Haha!

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